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Hot Clicks: Jets offered free lap dances;: Greg Oden comes clean


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We're in the middle of awards season and Bleacher Report doesn't want to be left out. So the site has put together the 2010 WAG Awards. Congratulations to Gabrielle Union for her nomination in the "Best Drama" category.

And The Winner Is...

Gabrielle Union :: Courtesy of

Every athlete should take a lesson from Greg Oden on how to handle a tough situation. Yesterday, thanks to an ex-girlfriend who wanted to stir up some stuff, photos of Oden posing naked in front of a mirror hit the 'Net. Oden didn't try to ignore the firestorm or claim the photos weren't of him. He went on a Portland radio show last night and actually discussed the brouhaha. He even apologized to the Blazers, his fans and his family, which, in my opinion, he didn't even had to do because he didn't do anything wrong. He did something stupid, but not necessarily "wrong." Anyway, for a much funnier take on what an athlete should do if they should find themselves in such a scandal, check out the Sports Pickle's advice. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Good Job, Greg

Tim Tebow is at the center of controversy because of an anti-abortion ad that's scheduled to air during the Super Bowl. Obviously, I'm not going to get into a pro-abortion or anti-abortion stance in this forum, but I'll be happy to link to an article that makes fun of MSNBC and Fox News and the obvious reactions they'll have to this story. On a side note, is offering odds on whether the Tebow commercial will air (seriously). Yes is -400. No is +300. I guess it's never too early to make that first Super Bowl wager.

Speaking Of Brouhahas...

If anyone reading this knows someone on the New York Jets, or has a way to get a message through to anyone on the Jets, be sure to let them know that Rick's Cabaret, a gentleman's club in New York City, wants to help cheer them up after losing to the Colts and is offering free lap dances to the entire team.

As If Athletes Don't Get Enough Perks...

Rick's Cabaret :: Mychal Watts/Getty Images

The San Francisco Chronicle had an unfortunate error on Monday. ... This Kentucky Wildcats T-shirt had an extremely short shelf life. ... Who wants a soccer ball kicking machine?

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Cory Davis, of Columbus, Ohio, says, "Burger King announcing they are serving beer just might be Hot Clicks worthy. What makes the story great is the disgusting hamburger and the quote that this is BK's "effort to reinvent itself as a fast-food restaurant with a sit-down feel." The unflattering burger picture has to make the BK marketing department cringe, even tough it's more realistic then the paradise burgers they show in their commercials."

E-Mail Of The Day

South Carolina reportedly will get nailed with a $5,000 fine because their fans stormed the court last night after the Gamecocks beat a No. 1-ranked team for the first time in school history. But after seeing the scene, it's totally worth the five grand.

Sports Video Of The Day

Since South Carolina is the story of the day, here's a look at how folks have there have fun. (Thanks to Waring Jordan, of Charleston, S.C., for the link.)

Water Skiing (Sort Of) Video Of The Day

This is a week old and has been on every blog, but it fell through the Hot Clicks cracks, so I'm posting it now. (Thanks to Adam Eisenstat, of Ottawa, Dan Cutlerm of, San Francisco, Tim Dwyer, of Lawrence, Kan., and Jess Schuknecht, of Madison, Wis., for sending the link.)

Team Introduction Video Of The Day