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Five Super Bowl XLIV Things I Think I Think: Wednesday edition


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Highlights from a three-hour shift this morning on Radio Row at Super Bowl 44 on Sirius/XM NFL Radio, with guests aplenty:

Joe Theismann and Bob Papa will be televising the game to 180 countries. Vietnam. Liechtenstein. Maldives. Diego Garcia. Get ready for Joey T. "In high school, I could spell 'Liechtenstein!' '' said Theismann

... Jamie Dukes, the former NFL center and current NFL Network analyst, agrees with my co-host Randy Cross: Dermontti Dawson deserves to get in the Hall of Fame in Saturday's voting. "Strong, powerful, he could block anyone, an island,'' Dukes said of Dawson. "He definitely deserves it.''

... San Francisco coach Mike Singletary stopped by. His Niners in Week 8 held the Colts to six punts and four field goals in three strong quarters. His advice to the Saints? "Get your hands on the receivers [in the five-yard bump zone]. If you don't, Peyton will hurt you.'' Kill you, really

... On the phone from the Colts' hotel: Robert Mathis, the suddenly vital Colts defensive end. Said Mathis: "If Dwight hasn't been able to go in the past, I've played right end. I have a lot of experience over there. Shouldn't miss a beat.'' ... And here comes Antoine Bethea, Colts safety, on the versatile Raheem Brock, who should be taking lots more snaps at defensive end Sunday: "Raheem doesn't do the crazy spin moves that Dwight does, but I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out and has a lights-out game.''

... Chad Ochocinco, sitting at our set, says in essence he lied to Bob Costas on national TV the week before the Week 17 Jets-Bengals game, when he promised he'd change his name back to Chad Johnson if Darrelle Revis shut him down. Which Revis did. Twice. Memo to Costas: Put that one in your memory bank the next time you're sitting across from Chad "I Bend The Truth When It Fits Me'' Ochocinco.

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... I'll be bringing up this nugget at the Hall of Fame election meeting Saturday. Asked Joe Montana, on the phone pumping Haas Avocados (are you kidding me, Joe?) about Rickey Jackson's Hall candidacy. "If there was anyone close to Lawrence Taylor, it was Rickey. He could cover backs, rush the passer. He was one of those guys you always worried about where they were. There weren't many guys we worried about on literally every play, but we treated Rickey just like we did LT.''


Now for the five things I think I think, Wednesday edition:

1. I think Jeff Saturday will have quite a few teammates fist-bump him for his comments about how the players wanted to go for the unbeaten season. Saturday said at the Colts' media session: "I can tell you every player wanted to play, every player tried to play, but that wasn't what our front office and our coach decided.'' The fans back home will love that. Bill Polian will not.

2. I think the best segue in radio history might have been Joe Montana extolling the Hall of Fame virtues of Roger Craig, and then Bob Papa saying to him: "Joe, tell us about your association with Haas Avocados.'' Gotta love those plugs.

3. I think there's a good chance one of these practice days that the Saints will run into Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada working out at the University of Miami athletic complex. I bet A-Rod can out-bench-press Drew Brees, but not Reggie Bush.

4. I think you've got to love TMZ. They got a shot of Reggie Bush and some mates coming out of a South Beach club Tuesday at 3:30 a.m. I can guarantee you Sean Payton has seen the photo, and he is not pleased by it.

5. I think, in a shameless plug for my Thursday night Tweetup, here are the details: Me, veteran Packers scribe Bob McGinn (with his book The Ultimate Super Bowl Book, which, by the way, I endorse fully and is very brainy) and a couple of special guests will be at the Fort Lauderdale Renaissance at 8:30 on Thursday night to meet with readers, listeners and Tweeters, to talk Super Bowl and anything else you'd like to talk about. See you there. We might even sneak a beer in.