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Hot Clicks: NFL loves American Idol; Arianny Celeste going to prom


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Earlier today when I read that Daughtry would be performing before Super Bowl XLIV and Carrie Underwood would be singing the national anthem, I thought, "Hmm, these Idol folks always seem to pop up at NFL games." So I actually did something crazy and researched this phenomenon, but I didn't research too deeply, because, quite frankly, who has time for that? Anyway, here's what I came up with: Underwood performed the anthem at last week's Pro Bowl. David Archuleta did the honors at last year's Pro Bowl. Jordin Sparks sang the anthem before this year's AFC Championship game and Kris Allen sang it before the NFL Championship game. (Last year, Sparks was on NFC title game duty.) Daughtry also performed at halftime of the Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day game this past season and handled the national anthem for the 2007 NFC championship game. Jennifer Hudson sang the anthem at last year's Super Bowl. Sparks sang it at the Super Bowl two years ago. And before anyone says this is Fox cross-promoting the show, many of these events were on CBS and ESPN. This is an NFL thing. And I'm not complaining. I'm a Daughtry fan and you can never have too much Carrie Underwood.

The NFL LOVES American Idol

Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood ::Larry Busacca /Getty Images

If you've seen The U on ESPN, you know just how big of an influence 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell had on the Hurricanes. (If you haven't seen The U, set your TiVo or DVR ASAP.) You also know that Miami is Campbell's territory. So for those of your fortunate to be in South Beach for Super Bowl week, here's Campbell's detailed guide to partying in Miami, as told to's Alan Shipnuck.

"You got start out at the beach. You know it's legal for the girls to be topless here, right? Chill there for a while, soak it all in. That'll put you in the right mood. Wet Willie's during the day is the jump-off spot. Everybody be there, chillin', hangin' out. Then you hit happy hour at the strip club. We have two of the greatest in the world, Tootsie's on 183rd and King of Diamonds. KOD gonna be crazy all week. Lotta [NFL] players will be up in there.

After that, meal time is important. You don't have to go to some fancy place in South Beach. Keep it simple -- gotta fill your stomach up with some rice, some potatoes, some s--- like that, so you cool when the alcohol hits. Then you go to the club. Not a strip club, a regular club, place like Club Cameo. Don't be there at 11 or 12. That's when the tourists show up. Three's about right. Hang at the club for a while, but don't sit in the chair, or they'll know you a tourist. Sit on the back of the chair, or stand up on it. Wave your bottle around. That's how we do. Then maybe around five or six, it's back to the strip club. Sleep in, and then do it all over again the next day."

Thanks, Luther!

Super Bowl Partying According To Luke is comparing NBA point guards to sports cars.

Insert Your Own Lemon Joke

UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste gets the honor today because she's making a Colorado high school student's dream come true. Dakota Ridge senior Conner Cordovapleaded with Celeste be his prom date via a series of YouTube videos, and she eventually said yes. Major props to Celeste.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Arianny Celeste :: Denise Truscello/Getty Images

We bestowed the prestigious honor to Miranda Kerr on Tuesday after a banker was busted for looking at her pics while at work. Well, now we all have even more reason to love Kerr because she's come out to defend the banker and said she would sign the petition to save his job.

Lovely Lady Of The Day Follow-Up

I fielded a couple of angry e-mails earlier this week after posting the item about "Tail of the Tiger" golf balls. Dean R. Somers, of Fremont, Mich., said, "I think it is a shame that you have nothing better to promote than a disgusting ploy to exploit the moral mistake of Tiger Woods. These golf balls are in poor taste and below the professionalism I expect from a news organization such as SI. How would you like it if this was you and you were trying to salvage your marriage? Would this help you and your wife put it behind you? Would this help put a damper on an issue than never should have been for public consumption. Did he make a mistake? Of course he did. Are his mistakes any more of a moral travesty than any of ours? Of course not. I wonder how any of us would like it if the press got a hold of one of our indiscretions and splashed it all over the headlines and then refused to let it die (when there are far better things to talk about). If you have any self-respect left (which is unlikely), have some respect for Tiger and his wife and family. It is hard enough to have to work to save your marriage, win the trust of your wife and move on with your life, let alone have to put up with trashy gimmicks that wreak of tabloid press tactics. SI should stand for Shameful Indeed." Not to be outdone, Tim Schmal, of San Antonio, Texas, said, "You are one sick jerk, Traina, to publicize something as sick and as cruel as this. The man is trying to fix his life and all you can do is find something that makes it horrific, then capitalizes on it, making money on someone else's mistakes. A jerk of your magnitude doesn't deserve to work at Sports Illustrated; And, shame on the magazine and this Web page for debasing themselves to such a level as to print this. Pathetic and cruel. When is it ever going to be enough with you people??? I can only hope that your lives are so perfect that no one would think to ridicule you and try to capitalize on your bad mistakes and misery. Grow up and apologize to the man. He's had enough crap, especially from this magazine." And they're not the only ones upset about the golf balls. Porn star and alleged Tiger mistress Joslyn Jamesis offended. So I guess I shouldn't mention that women everywhere should watch out because, according to reports, Tiger is about to get out of sex rehab. And I guess I shouldn't link to this item sent in by Darin, of California.

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