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K-State enters top five, while Syracuse holds down top spot (cont.)


NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

The rest: 17. Gonzaga. 18. Georgia Tech. 19. Tennessee. 20. Temple. 21. Butler. 22. Wake Forest. 23. Northern Iowa. 24. UTEP. 25. Cornell. 26. Siena. 27. Florida State. 28. Virginia. 29. Baylor. 30. Pitt. 31. UNLV. 32. Xavier.

(An important programming note that will please everyone whose favorite team was left out of the top 32: I'm being sent to the Olympics as part of SI's Vancouver/Whistler team next week, and won't be back on hoops 'til March. The Power Rankings won't disappear, though. Esteemed colleague Stewart Mandel will be authoring the next few installments, so they're in good hands, and he's already vowed not to mention the word "efficiency" once! So, readers, enjoy your few weeks without me ...)

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