Hot Clicks: Ochocino on Dancing with the Stars; Tebow sets record

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The draft status of Tim Tebow, who tied Josh McCown's record for vertical leap at the NFL Scouting Combine, is up in the air, so nobody knows what kind of money the one-time Heisman winner will make. However, he's figured out how to earn some cash in the meantime.

The Latest On Tebow Mania

Tim Tebow :: Scott Boehm/Getty Images

Chad Ochocinoreportedly will be part of the new Dancing with the Stars cast. This comes on the heels of the Bengals wideout starring in Monica's new video.

Of Course

Despite Tony Kornheiser's objections, Hannah Stormwill not retire her knee-high boots.

Good for Hannah

Speaking of women in tight clothing, Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and the above picture doesn't do her justice. I recommend you check out this video.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jennifer Lopez :: AP

The selling point of the "Go Plate" is that you can hold your food and drink, thus eliminating the need for tables and chairs. Yeah, that sounds really comfortable. (Thanks to Rob Greenberg, of Bethesda, Md., for the link.)

Stupid Product Of The Day

Gary Tidenberg, of Canton, Ohio, says, "I'm sure this has been asked before. Have you seen Minka in Pumpkin Karver?" Meanwhile, Adam, of Deerfield, Ill., says, "Minka Kelly Alert!!! If you like campy horror films, or if you just like 90 minutes of Minka, this one is for you -- Pumpkin Karver. Check it out."

I never heard of Pumpkin Karver until these two e-mails came in, but I appreciate the heads up and I'll be on the look-out for it. And as a reward for informing me, here are new pictures of Minka and Kim Kardashian.

For The Monday Blues

Here are 50 movies spoilers of 2009.

Movie Spoilers Video Of The Day

Emmet Ryan, of Dublin, Ireland, says, "Here's a hell of a contender for Music Video of the Day. This gang (a mother and her son and daughter) are so awful it's what would happen if Seymour Skinner had an equally submissive sister also willing to do Agnes' bidding."

Music Video Of The Day