Hot Clicks: Jason Richardson's missed dunk; Jason Kidd trick play

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If you missed Jason Richardson's unbelievable gaffe at the end of yesterday's Suns-Spurs game, check it out right now (and take note that Mike Tirico blew the call as well because he says "Richardson ... for the lead" when it was 107-105). And if you're a Suns fan reliving this painful moment, allow me to make it up to you by reminding you that at least you have an outstanding dance team.

Poor J-Rich

Suns dancer :: SI

Check out the wild finish from Davidson's win over Elon on Saturday.

For A Better Hoops Ending...

Over the weekend, I was having some fun on Twitter about Justin Bieber's "Trending Topic" dominance. No matter what's happening in the world, "Justin Bieber" is a trending topic on Twitter every single day. While many folks shared my amazement, others asked the very simple question: "Who the hell is Justin Bieber?" I guess the straight-forward answer is "a singer." But for Hot Clicks purposes, the answer is: "He's a kid who likes the Laker Girls."

Have You Heard of Justin Bieber?

Here's something you don't see that often. On Friday night, while dribbling up the court, Jason Kidd spotted Hawks coach Mike Woodson on the floor. So Kidd threw out his left arm to make contact with Woodson, thus drawing a technical foul on Atlanta.

Kidd's Play

Jason Kidd :: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Check out New Mexico coach Steve Alford calling out BYU's Jonathan Tavernari after Saturday's game.

In Other Player-Coach Dust Ups

Maria Menounos did play-by-play for the first half of Saturday's Nets-Celtics game. Color man Tommy Heinsohn couldn't contain his excitement at having such a hot partner, and at the end of Menounos' gig, he went in for an awkward smooch.

Sports Video Of The Day

This video of snowboard basketball was cool enough, but the Ric Flair theme music at the beginning puts it over the top. (Thanks to Mike Bryan, of Bethesda, Md., for the link.)

New Sport Video Of The Day

Will any ballpark sell this product in 2010? (Thanks to Greg, of Laramie, Wyo., for the link.)

Commercial Of The Day