Hot Clicks: New Jersey Nets giving away LeBron James jerseys

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Scott H. from Philadelphia, says, "The U.S. [soccer team] plays in an international friendly versus the Netherlands in Amsterdam today. Clint Dempsey is injured, but the game is still relevant and his wife, Bethany, is still awesome to look at!" Hot Clicks has already featured soccer WAGs Melissa Satta and Abbey Clancy, so it only seems right to highlight Bethany.

Bethany In Bodypaint

Bethany Dempsey :: Getty Images

A bunch of flight attendants are offended by a Brooklyn Decker photo that's plastered on one of AirTran Airways planes. The weird thing is that the picture is very tame and is nothing like, oh, say, this.

Speaking Of SI Swimsuit Models...

Own goals in soccer are unusual enough, but when it's scored by the wind it's extra special.

Blown Away

As you probably know by now, LeBron Jameshas filed the paperwork so he can wear No. 6 next year. Apparently, Knicks fans can now order their No. 6 James jerseys. If you're bold enough to get this jersey before he even signs with New York, drop me an e-mail. Meanwhile, Emmet Ryan, of Dublin, Ireland, lets us know that the New Jersey Nets have resorted to giving their fans LeBron jerseys tonight. As for on-the-court matters, this alley-oop dunk by King James a couple of nights ago didn't count, but is worth checking out.

Latest On LeBron

LeBron James

If you follow Ozzie Guillen on Twitter (and you should), this Ozzie Translator will come in handy.

Oh, So That's What He Means

Marshall White, of Dallas, alerts us to Handerpants.

Ridiculous Product Of The Day

The voice dubbing at the end is a little shaky, but this baseball free agents PSA still made me laugh.

Sports Video Of The Day

I lied. This really isn't a music video. It's a video of a guy's tooth falling out while he's singing.

Music Video Of The Day

Singer Loses Tooth While Singing - Watch more Funny Videos

Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush., Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter have a get-together.

Presidents Video Of The Day

Funny or Die's Presidential Reunion from Will Ferrell