By Jimmy Traina
March 05, 2010

It's been a busy week for Chad Ochocinco. On Friday, he spoke to's Jimmy Traina about a variety of topics, including Dancing With the Stars, the video of him jogging naked, why he won't change his name and more. You've been in the headlines lately for some interesting things.Ochocinco: That's a good thing. Remember, my headlines are always for good. Let's start with the video of you jogging naked. What's the deal with that? Is it a viral ad? Ochocinco: I was running naked. It was in the privacy of my own home. F-----' noisy people filmed me. So that wasn't a viral ad for anything?Ochocinco: No, no, no. Do you always jog naked? Ochocinco: Yeah, why wouldn't I? What's wrong with that? I take a shower naked. [Eds.Note: Clearly, Ochocinco has no problems shedding his clothes] Well, people jogging naked is not something you normally see every day. Ochocinco: I mean, some of the stuff that I do isn't normal. I would think it would be uncomfortable with the twig and berries loose and flopping everywhere.Ochocinco: Nah. It depends. You gotta be smooth, man. Do you do any other exercises while naked?Ochocinco: Yeah. Isn't sex exercise? I guess you can say that. Since you said you did this in the privacy of your own home, are you trying to get the video taken off YouTube?Ochocinco: I don't care. It's me. You already know I don't care. Have I ever cared when it comes to anything? Let's just move on. OK. Dancing With the Stars. How's that going?Ochocinco: Lovin' it. Now that I'm LOVIN'. It's so fun. Extremely, extremely challenging. It's very physical. The movements and some of the things I'm doing with my lower body are gonna be very helpful for me once the football season gets here. How long have you been in rehearsals?Ochocinco: Today is Day 4. Is it getting easier?Ochocinco: Not yet. At some point it will when I get smoother. This is not your normal "get out there and dance on the dance floor." This is choreographed, counting steps, discipline, body posture, the whole nine yards. It's extremely hard. You're also appearing in Monica's new video. What was it like to be in a music video?Ochocinco: That was so fun. Just awesome. Monica was acting, but I wasn't. I enjoyed it. It was a new experience for me. I really liked her, man. She was cool. She was so nice. She is freaking beautiful. Great personality. A joy to work with. She made me very comfortable and I was able to do a good job. Speaking of beautiful women, I noticed on your Twitter feed that you were trying to get Sofia Vergara's attention.Ochocinco: How many times has she hit me back? Maybe three? That's pretty good. I think she's sporadically hit me back three or four times, which is pretty damn cool. The whole point is that she's someone I have a RIDICULOUS crush on and really like. So will you still pursue her on Twitter?Ochocinco: Nah, I'm just playing. I'm just reaching out. You know me. I'm not afraid to express it if I like someone. I'm gonna tell you what's on my mind. And she's fine. I just want one date to McDonald's. And we don't even have to go through the drive-thru. We can go in and sit down and I will let her Supersize. What would you order? I assume you can't treat someone like Sofia Vergara to a 99-cent burger.Ochocinco: No, no. We'd get the McSnack Wrap, fries and a soda. Has taken dates to McDonald's worked for you in the past?Ochocinco: Always, always. That's how you know a woman is a keeper. If she can accept the things that you like, she's someone you can deal with. And if she can accept going to McDonald's, she's good to go with me. You've also tweeted about possibly attending the Oscars on Sunday.Ochocinco: Actually, I've been invited to all the gift suites that they have Saturday, which is damn near as good as going to the Oscars because I'm getting all these free gifts. Trust me, I will give the Twitter updates Saturday. But somebody at ABC is trying to get me a ticket to the Oscars, so I still might Let's say the NFL had no anti-celebration rules and you could do whatever you wanted after scoring a touchdown. What would be your ultimate celebration?Ochocinco: Hmm, that's a good question. That would take me some time to think of a good answer. What's the guy in Vegas who does the tricks? David Copperfield?Ochocinco: Whoever. I just wanna do something where I can create a lot of smoke into the air and then just disappear. You know how the Miami Hurricanes used to come out of the tunnel in the '90s? I want that same effect. Like, as soon as I get in the end zone, I hit something and do that. That same effect and I'm on the sidelines. That'll be freaking The free-agent signing period just began. What are you looking for the Bengals to do?Ochocinco: Look, I've been lobbying for one person. Whatever else they decide to do would be icing on the cake. I think we're set offensively and defensively. But getting that one extra weapon I've been asking for, Terrell Owens, that's all I care about. Anything else they do would be fine and Have you heard anything from the Bengals about whether they're considering signing T.O.?Ochocinco: I have no idea. I'm busy, man. I haven't been able to keep up with what's going on out I asked people on Twitter to submit questions for you and several people wanted to know why you didn't change your last name after Darrelle Revis shut you down, which, I guess, is something you promised?Ochocinco: How many times do I have to talk about that? I'm not changing s---. That last name is my brand. I do all that talking to create more excitement leading up to the game. People don't get the point yet? Well, personally, I couldn't care less what your last name is. But this was asked by several Twitter people.Ochocinco: Well, that's it. I just told you. I do all that to make the game fun leading up to the game. I'm not changing s---. Let's end this on a positive note. Every day in Hot Clicks, we select a "Lovely Lady of the Day." I'm letting you pick it today. Give me your top three choices, but not Sofia Vergara because we just featured her.

Ochocinco: Sofia would be my No. 1, but I'll say Halle Berry, Beyonce and Rihanna.

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