Hot Clicks: Jennifer Love Hewitt; Priceiest tickets in sports

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Red Sox fans, you can vote on what kind of facial hair -- clean-shaven, goatee, mustache, Fu Manchu -- Kevin Youkilis sports this season.

You Can Help Youk

Kevin Youkilis :: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

ESPN announced today that Robert DeNiro will star in an upcoming movie on the network about Vince Lombardi. Tirico Suave, however, wonders if that's such good news.

Sports Movie News

An 11-year-old boy won an essay contest and now he gets to blow up Texas Stadium.

What A Prize!

While I do love me some Love, she's getting the honor because I laughed at this e-mail from Mike, of Baltimore. He said, "Love Hot Clicks. I don't know if you saw the pictures of one of my all-time favorites in the recent weeks, but anyone who said Jennifer Love Hewitt was past her prime is nuts. Ever seen the Ghost Whisperer? Neither have I, but thank you to the people who have watched long enough to get us to the 100th-episode celebration where this pic was snapped."

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt :: John Shearer/Getty Images looks at North America's priciest sports tickets.

Tickets That Break The Bank

Jennifer Hudson will perform the song that wraps up the NCAA tournament this year. Here's a tribute to the tune, which debuted in 1987 with David Barrett handling the vocals.

One Shining Moment Video Of The Day

Dan Cladis, of Joliet, Ill., says, "Thought you might appreciate hearing the worst national anthem I have ever seen. Just a shame it had to be a police officer singing it in front of his fellow officers, but absolutely hilarious seeing them laugh in the background. Great video." I had never seen this gem, so I thank Dan for bringing it to my attention.

National Anthem Video Of The Day