Hot Clicks: Belen Rodriguez; Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant

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Tales Of Tiger

Jaimee Grubbs, Howard Stern, Jamie Jungers, Loredana Jolie :: Jason Kaplan, The Howard Stern Show's Richard Deitsch, who spearheaded the site's coverage of the Winter Games in Vancouver for more than two weeks, covered another respected, prestigious and newsworthy event today -- "The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant," put together by none other than Howard Stern. Here is Deitsch's account of the, um, competition:

The conversation ranged from genital size to safe-sex practices to other peccadilloes normally omitted from the Golf Channel. In the annals of beauty pageants, give radio personality Howard Stern credit for a master stroke of publicity: On Wednesday morning he pitted three women claiming to be the mistresses of Tiger Woods in the "Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant."

Stern's employer, SIRIUS XM Radio, invited a handful of press people (including the Huffington Post, AOL, Access Hollywood, Extra TV, TMZ, the New York Daily News and to watch the show live at its studios in midtown Manhattan. Alas, there was very little golf talk, though one of the women, Jaimee Grubbs, claimed that Woods had texted her on his way to the Masters and told her he would contact her after the famed tournament.

The winner was Jamie Jungers, a 27-year-old swimsuit model who said she met Woods at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas in 2005 and carried on a multiyear relationship with him. Jungers said she knew Woods was married when they first met, and that she eventually fell in love with him. Notably, she claimed Woods flew her coach to visit him and that he was an awful tipper. Contestant Loredana Jolie's claims were the tawdriest of the three, while Grubbs claimed that she and Woods were a low-key couple and that she made him watch Desperate Housewives.

The competition was equal parts sad, surreal and hilarious. Holding a bouquet of flowers placed on a golf iron, and wearing a tiara given by Stern staffers clad in sweaters fresh out of a golf pro shop, Jungers called winning the $75,000 first-place prize "the best day ever." "I'm so excited," she said. "Yesterday was my birthday. I just feel blessed. She eventually thanked her mom and "her little dog Apple."

Stern said he believed Woods did not owe an apology to anyone other than his wife, Elin. He also said that he didn't think Woods had learned anything from the experience. "You know what we learned today?" Stern said, laughing. "We learned that I'm wonderful and that Nike should endorse me."

This handy graphic should help you determine what pro sport you should play.

Flow Chart Of The Day launched its big 2010 Fantasy Baseball Preview package today. When you're done checking it out, you can get your fantasy team name from this generator.

Fantasy Baseball Is In The Air

Daniel Smith, of Donegal, Ireland, says, "Have you ever heard of Belen Rodriguez? I hadn't before today, and as soon as I saw her I knew I had to let you know who she was. She's an Argentinean model, and guess what? She's a WAG! She is dating AC Milan striker (and teammate of David Beckham) Marco Borriello

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Belen Rodriguez :: Christophe Simon/Getty Images

I look forward to seeing her in Hot Clicks!" And I look forward to putting her in Hot Clicks. Wait? Did that even make sense. Who cares? We should just focus on Rodriguez.

Rumors and Rants wonders if this is the worst NCAA bubble in history while the Lost Letterman looks at the 10 greatest tournament runs.

Tournament Links

This piece which analyzes the pervyness of Bob Barker and Richard Dawson is outstanding.

Frisky Game Show Hosts

Some of Dallas' finest, including Tony Romo, Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, Dirk Nowitzki and Nolan Ryan, are singing Faith Hill's The Kiss as a way to promote Super Bowl XLV. Don't ask me how this promotes Super Bowl XLV because I have no idea. But it does give us something to laugh at. (Thanks to Joe, of Columbus, Ohio, Andrew Moreton, of Dallas, Texas, for the link.)

Dallas Video Of The Day

Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Handler had a "Martini Race" on his show last night. Things didn't end well for the host. (Thanks to Felix, of Lawrence, Kan., for the link.)

Jimmy Fallon Video Of The Day