Hot Clicks: Jessica Simpson talks Tony Romo; Cuba baseball fight

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Jessica Simpsonwas a guest on theLate Show with David Letterman last night. In addition to discussing the John Mayer "sexual napalm" comment, Simpson managed to both compliment Tony Romo ("I still look at his cute butt in the outfit.") and make him look bad ("He broke up with me on my birthday.")

Ruthless Romo

Jessica Simpson :: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The Matt Barnes-Lakers feud that started Sunday when L.A. visited Orlando took a very disturbing turn yesterday.

Watch Out, Lamar

If you don't get nauseous from the camerawork, you'll enjoy this wild fight from a baseball game in Cuba.

Batter Charges The ... Outfield

It's always refreshing when an athlete doesn't take himself too serious. Quarterback Dan Orlovskyshowed he's one of the cool guys by autographing a photo of his infamous safety, shown above, with the link, "I'm just an idiot."

Well Done, Dan

Dan Orlovsky :: Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

Horrible hockey intro fail. ... Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenbergshows his players how it's done. ... The 20 funniest wrestling photos of all time.

Random Links

It's official. Betty Whitewill hostSaturday Night Live on May 8. ... Here are outtakes from Jimmy Kimmel's Handsome Men's Club sketch that Hot Clicks featured earlier this week. ... LostmeetsBaywatch.

TV Links

J.R. Smith did this last night.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here's another reason why the decline of newspapers is a sad thing. Video Of The Day

How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?

This is an old clip that should be trotted out every now and then. (Thanks to @ThorJohnson for the link.)

Game Show Video Of The Day