Hot Clicks: The Svetlana Shusterman jinx; John Daly's lost texts

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So yesterday just may have been the greatest Day 1 in NCAA tournament history. You had upsets, buzzer-beaters and a player named Lucas O'Rear. For a recap of all the action, I suggest you visit's college hoops page. The bigger news that many of the so-called experts missed, however, was the way Hot Clicks featured Murray State alum Chrishell Stause as our cover girl yesterday, which sparked the Racers to victory. Since it worked so well on Thursday, we are putting all our eggs in the Cornell basket as it goes against Temple this afternoon. The only problem is that Cornell is somewhat devoid of attractive alums we could use as a leading lady -- and I don't think anyone wants to see a big picture of Andy Bernard to start their Friday. Therefore, we are going to run with a reverse jinx by featuring Temple alum Svetlana Shusterman and hope Cornell pulls out a victory. Go Big Red!

Hot Clicks for Cornell

Svetlana Shusterman :: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Tough loss for Florida yesterday, falling in double OT to Brigham Young. But let's not forget the Gators won the 2006 and 2007 national championships so don't feel too bad for them. More importantly, they have these two fans on their side. Our friends at a blog with a somewhat inappropriate name have more photos of men in jean shorts.

Not To Pour Salt in the Gators' Wounds

I love Tony Kornheiser. I love that he went off on Hannah Storm for dressing like a Tiger Woods groupie and I love that he's now now involved in a feud with Lance Armstrong. Since I run the SI Vault and have access to thousands of old photos, here's a 1983 photo of Kornheiser in the Washington Post news room and here's one of Armstrong running on the boardwalk with his best bud, Matthew McConaughey. The boardwalk photo kinda reminds me of the beach-running scene from Rocky III, and that's not a good thing.

Kornheiser vs. Armstrong

By now, you've likely read the racy text messages Tiger Woods sent porn star Joslyn James during their fling. What you haven't read is the private text messages of John Daly (Warning: some language is inappropriate and most jokes involve food).

The Lost John Daly Texts

John Daly :: John Biever/SI

The Bleacher Report has compiled the hottest fans of March Madness. Enough said.

One More Tournament Note

I am a couple days late to this, but Danica McKellar (aka - Winnie Cooper) is pregnant. I hope she has a son and someone buys him a vintage New York Jets jacket. McKellar also made this excellent list of Top 10 crushes from the '90s and how they look all grown up.

Winnie Cooper and Other TV Notes

A Penn State student got a stick stuck in his face while he was sledding. The photo does more justice than my description.

This is Just Disgusting

A high school game had to be moved after one of the players broke the backboard on a dunk ... After seeing this shot of Stefani Germanotta, the artist currently known as Lady Gaga, I am convinced that anyone can become a pop star ... Contortionists are gross ... Gardening topless is a no-no in Colorado ... Meet the world's first legally genderless person.

Random Links

Hot Clicks readers have been E-mailing me with a choice of an athlete to host Saturday Night Live. After posting the Gheorghe Muresan Snickers commercial yesterday, I got a deluge of requests for his cologne ad. Here it is.

Gheorghe Muresan Video of the Day

There were several buzzer-beaters yesterday and they are all worthy of a video on Hot Clicks, but Washington's Isaiah Thomas had the shot of the day -- even though it didn't count.

Shot Of The Day

You all remember Jimmy Traina, the guy who usually runs Hot Clicks. He's in Vegas and wanted me to inform the world that he's down $200 after losing $100 on Marquette. Don't feel too bad -- he's spending today at the Hard Rock for the World's Largest Pool Party. You can follow his Twitter feed here for photos and updates. Meanwhile, he submitted this video from Lagasses Stadium in Palazzo, where he enjoyed the closing minute of the Northern Iowa-UNLV game.

Jimmy Video of the Day