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Chiefs, 'Hawks shine; debatable QB picks; more thoughts on draft hauls

What I liked: Almost everything the Cards did, but in particular the decision to move up and get one of the fastest linebackers in the draft in TCU's Darryl Washington. He's a run-and-hit 'backer that could fill the void left by KarlosDansby's departure to Miami.

What I didn't: Drafting Fordham quarterback John Skelton in the 5th Round. Skelton has a big arm and potential but he has a long way to go and Arizona could have used that pick on somebody who could have helped them on special teams in 2010.

Moving Forward: Arizona's picks on defense give them a chance to help make up for the loss of Dansby and Antrel Rolle, but this season will still hinge on MattLeinart's ability to live up to the hype he received coming out of USC.

Atlanta Falcons

What I liked: The selection of Sean Weatherspoon, ranked by some as the top linebacker in the draft, to immediately start at outside linebacker next to tackling machine Curtis Lofton.

What I didn't: The Falcons still don't have a legitimate pass-rusher opposite John Abraham, and even he isn't the player he used to be.

Moving forward: Signing Dunta Robinson in free agency and getting last year's first round pick, Peria Jerry, back from injury gives this defense enough juice to compete with the New Orleans Saints for the NFC South division title.

What I liked: Trading down out of the first round to recoup the picks they had sent to Arizona for Anquan Boldin yet still getting a first-round talent in outside linebacker Sergio Kindle.

What I didn't: Not getting a defensive end to try to add to the depth vacated by the free agent losses of Justin Bannan and Dwan Edwards until the selection of the inconsistent Arthur Jones from Syracuse in the fifth round.

Moving forward: The Ravens picks and trade for Boldin make them the early frontrunner for the AFC North title.

What I liked: Not bowing to public pressure and drafting a quarterback early just because the fans and media wanted them to. Levi Brown from Troy in the seventh round gives them a legitimate developmental prospect for 2011 if their current crop of signal callers can't get it done in 2010.

What I didn't:C.J. Spiller in the first round. He better end up being the playmaker that Buffalo craved because running back is one of the few positions of strength on this football team.

Moving forward: The Bills look at Brian Brohm as the quarterback prospect who can potentially play winning football at the game's most important position. He'll need to because Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick appear to be better suited for backup roles.

What I liked: Staying patient and getting the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft in Jimmy Clausen at 48th overall, a tremendous value for a player that may end up being their starter.

What I didn't: Not getting a prospect with legitimate pass rushing potential until Eric Norwood in the fourth round. Back-to-back wide receivers in the third round was redundant.

Moving forward: Clausen will compete with Matt Moore to try and determine which one of them gets the honor of trying to save JohnFox's job in Carolina.

What I liked: Drafting Corey Wootton from Northwestern in the fourth round. Wootton is a first-round talent if he can come all the way back from the knee injury suffered in the 2008 Alamo Bowl.

What I didn't: Not having a draft pick until the third round. The Bears could have really used the second-rounder that they had sent to Tampa last season.

Moving forward: It's a make-or-break year for the Bears brass and Lovie Smith and everyone else realizes it. Whether or not Jay Cutler thrives under Mike Martz will likely be the deciding factor.

What I liked: The Bengals got the best player in the draft at their only real glaring position of need by taking Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham at No. 21. Can't argue with that.

What I didn't: Not much. The Bengals also found a way to get a pass-rushing candidate (Carlos Dunlap), slot receiver (Jordan Shipley), and cornerback (Brandon Ghee) with talent. Solid draft for this franchise.

Moving forward: If adding weapons like Antonio Bryant and Gresham can help Carson Palmer regain his Pro Bowl form, the Bengals could be in the mix for a second consecutive playoff berth, which hasn't happened in the Queen City in years.

What I liked: Getting a potential starting quarterback for 2011 in the third round in Colt McCoy after resisting the temptation to take him earlier.

What I didn't: Both Joe Haden and T.J. Ward fill needs but the Browns likely could have traded down, picked up extra picks, and still gotten those players a little bit later if they were so inclined.

Moving forward: If Jake Delhomme can get back to his pre-2009 playoff meltdown form, the Browns have a chance to be a .500 team. If he can't, it will be Seneca Wallace time in the Dawg Pound.

What I liked: Getting Sean Lee in the second round and Akwasi Owusu-Ansah in the fourth round. Both players have the talent to become starters, and maybe sooner than anticipated.

What I didn't: The Cowboys as of this moment still don't have stellar options at their starting left tackle and free safety positions.

Moving forward:Dez Bryant could be a star if he stays focused and his presence will allow Dallas to either release Roy Williams or choose not to get into a bidding war for Miles Austin after the 2010 season.

What I liked: The Broncos wanted to get younger and more physical on the interior of their offensive line and they did exactly that by drafting Zane Beadles, J.D. Walton, and Eric Olson.

What I didn't: Moving up to draft Tim Tebow. Even the NFL people that are high on him say he will be a two- or-three-year project, which makes this selection a luxury the Broncos really couldn't afford.

Moving forward:JoshMcDaniels' team better get off to a fast start and sustain it this year; otherwise the fans and media will start calling for Tebow to play before he is ready. That could be a disaster for everyone involved and something Denver clearly wants to avoid.

What I liked: Taking Ndamukong Suh with the second overall pick. He was the best defensive player in college football in years and the best player in the draft and the Lions didn't overthink it, they just took him.

What I didn't: Moving back up into the first round to take Cal running back Jahvid Best. The Lions likely could have sat at their spot in the second round and still gotten Best, whose concussion last season is a concern, especially considering the new mandates surrounding head injuries in the NFL.

Moving forward: General manager Martin Mayhew and head coach Jim Schwartz continue to make a lot of solid moves and the city of Detroit has more reason for optimism with their football team than they have had in years.

What I liked: Sitting and waiting yet still getting a top-ten talent in Bryan Bulaga at a position of need at No. 23 overall. He'll contribute as a rookie and may even start at right tackle.

What I didn't: Not drafting any young, developmental cornerbacks. Al Harris and Charles Woodson have been so good for so long, but they can't play forever.

Moving forward: If the Packers defense hadn't let them down in the postseason they could have made a playoff run. Minor improvements on both sides of the ball will allow them to have that chance again this year.

What I liked: The Texans drafting players at their two biggest positions of need in the first and second round.

What I didn't: The players they took at those two positions of need. They must have had higher grades on Kareem Jackson and Ben Tate than they did on Kyle Wilson and Toby Gerhart but those four players' careers will now be compared in perpetuity.

Moving forward: The Texans took a step forward last year by having their first winning season. Whether or not they have done enough to take another step is up for debate at this point.

What I liked: Getting another outside pass rusher in TCU standout Jerry Hughes. His presence will allow Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis to stay productive and healthy.

What I didn't: Failure to address the offensive line. If they were going to cut a player like Ryan Lilja, you'd think they would have better replacements in the pipeline.

Moving forward: Different season, same result. As long as Peyton Manning is standing, the Colts will win 12-plus games in the regular season and be in the mix.

What I liked: The amount of small-school prospects the Jags selected. G.M. Gene Smith appears to believe that players from the FCS division of college football are consistently undervalued, and I agree with him.

What I didn't: Would have liked to have seen the Jags move down a couple of slots and acquire an extra pick before selecting Tyson Alualu in the first round.

Moving forward: Smith's first draft a year ago was so good that anyone that would be prone to criticize him would be better served to wait and watch before they knock his draft picks this season.

What I liked: Drafting the premier playmaker on defense in the draft in Tennessee safety Eric Berry even though some thought that was too high to take a safety.

What I didn't: Not getting another option at quarterback in case Matt Cassel is not the long-term franchise player they thought he would be. They could have gotten Charlie Weis disciple Jimmy Clausen in the second round and arguably should have if Clausen is as good as Weis says he is.

Moving forward: The Chiefs had a stellar draft that should really help their overall roster and depth. Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster, Jon Asamoah, and Tony Moeaki in particular all have an excellent opportunity to help the cause as rookies.

What I liked: Trading this year's second-round pick as well as next year's second in order to get a true difference-maker in Brandon Marshall from Denver. First-round pickJared Odrick was the best pure 3-4 defensive end in the draft.

What I didn't: Offensive guard John Jerry was an underachiever in college and could be the latest in a long line of Parcells draft picks along the interior offensive line that have not panned out as hoped.

Moving forward: Marshall's ability to get on the same page early in the season with Chad Henne could be the difference between a playoff season or not in South Florida.

What I liked: Picking up the running back complement to Adrian Peterson in Gerhart that the Vikings had to have. Fourth-rounder Everson Griffen also has a chance to learn for a year and then replace Ray Edwards if Minnesota can't re-sign him.

What I didn't: Picking cornerback Chris Cook with their first pick. The Vikings should have found a way to move up a pick or two and get Wilson once he began to fall further than anticipated.

Moving forward: Now that the draft is over the Brett Favre watch will officially begin. Can he possibly play as well as he did last year?

What I liked: The Pats came into the draft with a huge need at tight end and they filled it ably my getting both Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

What I didn't: New England really wanted to get a legitimate pass-rushing threat opposite Tully Banta-Cain but they weren't able to do it. It is unlikely that Florida's Jermaine Cunningham has the natural explosion to become that guy.

Moving forward: The Patriots were humbled in the postseason by the Ravens as they appeared to have been shell-shocked by the injury to Wes Welker the week before. They'll need him at full-strength as soon as possible to compete for a title in the AFC East, where their competition appears to be gaining on them.

What I liked: Safety Chad Jones is a special player who may really come into his own once he is able to fully devote himself to football and no longer split time between that and baseball.

What I didn't: Drafting two defensive linemen with their first two picks when the Giants really could have used a linebacker or two. That's got to be seen, in part, as an indictment of the free agent signings of Chris Canty and Rocky Bernard.

Moving forward: The Giants still have holes on defense, particularly at the middle linebacker position, that remain unfilled. Obviously they are higher on Bryan Kehl and Jonathan Goff then everyone else seems to be.

What I liked:Rex Ryan loves cover guys and he got the best one in this year's draft in Kyle Wilson from Boise State.

What I didn't: Releasing Alan Faneca and trading Leon Washington during day three of the draft.

Moving forward: The Jets have added some high-profile names and clearly are better at receiver and in the defensive backfield, but has that come at the expense of messing with the rushing attack that made this team so formidable in the postseason?

What I liked:Matt Tennant and Jimmy Graham are potential starters at center and tight end, respectively, and represent tremendous value picks where the Saints were able to get them.

What I didn't: Adding Patrick Robinson to an already crowded defensive backfield when they could have filled a major need at outside linebacker by drafting Washington from TCU.

Moving forward: The Saints have the talent base to get back to the Super Bowl but will have to overcome the Super Bowl hangover effect that a lot of teams suffer from, especially those that are so unaccustomed to that level of success.

What I liked: A lot, which is highly unusual when critiquing the moves that the Raiders franchise makes. Rolando McClain should help the front seven immediately.

What I didn't: Trading Kirk Morrison to the Jaguars for virtually nothing. Obviously we have to assume that was their best offer, but it doesn't appear as if there was any semblance of value recouping involved there.

Moving forward: The Raiders have a shot now that they have a legitimate starting quarterback in Jason Campbell. He is not a star but he is a heck of a lot better than what they had before Saturday's trade.

What I liked: Getting quarterback Mike Kafka and tight end Clay Harbor in the fourth round. Both of those players had been rising up the draft charts and could pay dividends down the line for the Birds.

What I didn't: Trading up yet not taking Earl Thomas, arguably the best player in the draft at the Eagles biggest position of need. Brandon Graham is a stud but he is a want whereas Thomas was more of a need.

Moving forward: The Birds need second-round pick Nate Allen to step up and fill the safety spot next to Quentin Mikell. That spot remains a question mark at a very important position in the pass-happy NFL.

What I liked: Trading with Arizona to get former Steeler Bryant McFadden back in the fold. He is far from a shut-down corner but he is a marked improvement from some of the guys that got playing time last year.

What I didn't: Drafting three outside linebackers when they already have the best pairing in the NFL in James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley. One is understandable but three would seem to be a bit much.

Moving forward: The Steelers season could be made or broken based upon how well Byron Leftwich or Dennis Dixon play in the first four to six games while Ben Roethlisberger is suspended. A bad start could doom them in the competitive AFC North.

What I liked:Rodger Saffold was worthy of a first-round pick and is a lineman that a lot of offensive line coaches were extremely high on. He'll likely start at right tackle.

What I didn't: Taking Sam Bradford with the number one pick. Drafting quarterbacks high in the first round has been pretty much a 50-50 proposition over the years. That being the case, drafting one coming off of a shoulder surgery and paying him close to $50 million guaranteed doesn't seem especially prudent.

Moving forward: The Rams will be under a lot of pressure to play Bradford right away but they need to resist that in order to make sure he is ready before they throw him into the fire.

What I liked:Cam Thomas was inconsistent in his effort and performance at North Carolina but he still represents a possible starting nose tackle candidate at some point, something the Chargers surely didn't think they would be able to get in the fifth round.

What I didn't: The Chargers traded Antonio Cromartie to the Jets yet have not really replaced him, other than signing Donald Strickland to be their nickel corner. They could have gotten another prospect in the fold in this draft but elected not to.

Moving forward: The Chargers gave up a decent amount to get him but they got their man in Fresno State running back Ryan Matthews. He gives them a chance to run the ball better in 2010 than they did in 2009.

What I liked: Penn State linebacker Navorro Bowman is fantastic in space and could get on the field in obvious passing downs as a rookie. Taylor Mays has the physical tools that coaches love to work with and should play with a rather sizable chip on his shoulder after going much later than he anticipated.

What I didn't: Trading up to select Anthony Davis seemed unnecessary, and drafting a second offensive linemen in round one in Mike Iupati didn't seem to be nearly as pressing as getting one of the top two or three corners in the draft in Wilson or Jackson.

Moving forward: The 49ers have made their bed at the quarterback position with Alex Smith and now they will lie in it. Most of the other positions seem to be primed for a division title; now Smith just needs to lead them there.

What I liked: Everything. Not many franchises in the history of the NFL have had better three-day periods than the Seahawks did, when everything seemed to go perfectly and fall just the way they wanted it to.

What I didn't: In praising the Seahawks for their selections, it must be noted that they were extremely fortunate that Russell Okung, Earl Thomas, Golden Tate, and Anthony McCoy all came to them in the manner in which they did.

Moving forward: This draft along with the trade pick-ups they got in LenDale White and Leon Washington get the Seahawks off to a great start in the Pete Carroll era, but only time will tell whether or not they can get enough production out of the quarterback position.

What I liked: The Bucs got the perfect fit for their biggest need in Gerald McCoy. If they had the first pick in the draft, it would have been McCoy; that is how well-suited he is for what they do defensively.

What I didn't:Brian Price from UCLA is a good player but seems like a better fit at three-technique, the same position that McCoy plays, than he does at nose tackle, where the Bucs will likely put him.

Moving forward: This is a team that still has a ways to go, but they are making enough solid draft choices, most notably triggerman Josh Freeman last year and McCoy this year, to give them a chance to take a step toward respectability.

What I liked: Drafting Myron Rolle in the sixth round. It's nice to see that at least one team is progressive enough to believe that a smart guy with varied interests can excel in pro football.

What I didn't: If the reports that the Titans really wanted Jason Pierre-Paul are accurate, than they should have done whatever it took to get him and not allow the New York Giants to take him one pick ahead of them.

Moving forward: Can Vince Young pick up where he left off last season or even take a step forward? The Titans season pretty much all hinges on that one question.

What I liked: Their first two picks. Getting a franchise quarterback in Donovan McNabb and franchise left tackle in Trent Williams is not too shabby for the start of the Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan regime in D.C..

What I didn't: Getting a fourth-round pick in 2012 from the Raiders for Campbell. The 2012 season seems like a long time from now and the Redskins should have been able to get something that could help them now in return for a starting quarterback.

Moving forward: The defense should be solid as usual, so if Shanahan can get the Skins running game going the way he normally does, Washington could be a surprise contender in the NFC East.