Hot Clicks: Gabrielle Union-Dwyane Wade lawsuit; LeBron James elbow

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Dwyane Wade is being sued by his estranged wife and the charges aren't pretty. Well, they involve actress Gabrielle Union, who is pretty, but the allegations are not.The lawsuit alleges Union "engaged in sexual foreplay" in front of Wade's young sons. It also claims that the boys received "medium size gifts" from Wade for Christmas last year, while Union got "the biggest gift of all." There's a joke there, but I'll move on.

Wade's Woes

Gabrielle Union :: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

A soccer player was given a yellow card over the weekend because the referee thought he was taking a dive. It turns out the player was having a heart attack.

Refs Blow Another One

Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks told you about Celtics general manager Danny Ainge throwing a towel in the air to distract a Cleveland player who was in the middle of shooting a free throw. We should all be thankful for Ainge's bush league move because it's now spawned this gif.

Great Gif

Few body parts in sports have generated as much buzz as LeBron James' right elbow. After shooting free throws left-handed in Game 1 of the Cavs series against the Celtics, speculation grew about the severity of James' injury. A report with anonymous sourcing from says James is so banged up he shouldn't even be playing. Another report says James will soon underdo a second MRI on the elbow. And most important, LeBron's elbow has its own Twitter page. (And so do I.)

Cleveland's Concern

LeBron James :: David Liam Kyle/Getty Images

Check out what the White Sox skipper did to pitcher Freddy Garica last night.

Never A Dull Moment With Ozzie Guillen has compiled the 10 funniest cheerleader bloopers of all time.


I've gotten several e-mails and Tweets asking me to spread the word about how you guys can help people in Nashville who've been affected by the flood crisis. You can donate to the Red Cross or to this Flood Relief Web site.

Two Important Items

Also, Summit Marketing is sends out this message. "Jimmy, time to rally Hot Clicks Nation for a good cause. Send us your new or used DVDs as we are passing them along to Wounded Warriors within the Warrior Transition Unit at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The goal is to contribute used (or new) DVDs containing movies or TV shows for recovering Soldiers. These DVDs will help make our nation's Wounded Warrior's recuperation time more pleasant. June will be the 235th Birthday of the US Army and we believe this is the least we can do as a birthday gift for the men and women who have sacrificed greatly for our freedoms." If you'd like to help out with this, there are some rules: Movies should be rated G to R (no NC-17), no games or CDs. You can mail them to Summit Marketing, 8515 Blue Jacket Street, Lenexa, KS 66214, ATTN: Greg

Can the Knicks sign her now? (Thanks to Josh Belfer, of Cherry Hill, N.J., for the link.)

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There's all sorts of problems with this report.

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