Hot Clicks: Jessica White; Steve Nash shows his Canadian roots

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Jimmy is out for the next couple days and I'm not sure why. He might be on his couch recovering from a busy sports weekend highlighted by Dallas Braden's perfect game, Rajon Rondo's amazing performance and Tiger Woods' injury. But sports took a backseat to the phenomenon that is Betty White, whose performance on Saturday Night Live has everyone buzzing. If you missed it, here are all the skits from the show, which earned its best rating in a year and a half despite not airing this awesome Debbie Downer skit. In honor of the former Golden Girl, The Bleacher Report has come up with a list of 10 athletes playing like Betty White. Unfortunately, I can't lead Hot Clicks with a photo of a 88-year-old woman or Jimmy would disown me. So instead of Betty, I'll go with a shot of her granddaughter, Jessica White, who I'm guessing is more of a Hot Clicks favorite. (No, I can't actually confirm Jessica is Betty White's granddaughter.)

Jessica Betty White's Big Weekend

Jessica White :: Raphael Mazzucco/SI

Tiger Woods had a rough go of it on Sunday at The Players Championship and had to withdraw from the tournament due to a bulging disk in his neck. And if there was ever an award for Freudian Slip of the Year, it goes to the Golf Channel's Win McMurrayfor this comment. Woods, of course, isn't the most popular figure on the tour these days as both a fellow pro and young heckler took shots at the disgraced golfer.

Tiger's Lost Weekend

Wezen-Ball has put together a season-by-season comparison of Ken Griffey Jr. and The Simpsons.

Still Going Strong?

Steve Nash took six stiches to the eye last night in Phoenix's victory over San Antonio, but being the true Canadian that he is, Nash came back to finish up the game. This isn't the first time Nash has overcome an injury to lead his team to a win. And if you didn't know, Nash just may be the funniest player in the NBA, as made clear by this and this video.

One Tough Canadian

Steve Nash :: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It looks like the Minnesota Twins have a new unofficial mascot that eats moths and likes to spend his free time perched on top of a foul pole.

The Newest Twin

From the "just make a damn decision already" department, I present this baseball fan.


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Random Links

Watch as two Celtics ignore Brian Scalabrine on their way back to the bench.

Dissing Your Teammate Video Of The Day

I've always thought that Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart had potential to become a pop culture phenomenon in the manner of Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. This video should help the cause.

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