Hot Clicks: Danica McKellar in Maxim; Derek Holland nickname

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Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland pitched six shutout innings against the A's last night to earn his first win of the season. After the game, he was interviewed by's Emily Jones. You MUST forward to the 1:30 mark of the video and listen to Holland's response when asked about his nickname. It's pure gold.

Prediction: This Nickname Will Catch On

Derek Holland :: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

ESPN recently mocked Giants catcher Bengie Molina for being slower than slow. Molina is not happy.

Bengie's Beef

It's been an eventful few weeks for Phillies fans, and this T-shirt sums it all up.

For The Phillies Faithful

My inbox has been stuffed with requests for Winnie Cooper, a.k.a. Danica McKellar, to be given LLOD honors after her latest spread in Maxim. It would be a travesty of epic proportions if I ignored these pleas, so, here you go. And as a bonus, here's the first kiss between Winnie and Kevin Arnold.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Danica McKellar ::

Great find here by Celtics coach Doc Rivers implores his team to play together during a timeout in Game 5 against Cleveland while Nate Robinsoncan't even be bothered to join the huddle.

Nate's Not Interested

ESPN's Stuart Scott may want to rethink his nickname for the Washington Nationals.


As the show nears it's end point (just two episodes remain), fans will want to check out the latest Stewart Mandelpodcast that covers all things Lost. They'll also want to watch every single "dude" uttered by Hurley over the past six years.

For The Lost Fans

A couple of kids re-enact Kirk Gibson's famous home run from the 1988 World Series.

Sports Video Of The Day?

I hated those "Whassup?" Budweiser commercials when they were popular, but fans of the Montreal Canadiens deserve to see this version that pays tribute to goalie Jaroslav Halak after the team reached the Eastern Conference finals.

Commercial Remake Video Of The Day

Whether this is real or fake, whomever uploaded it to YouTube deserves credit for the song selection that comes on during the slo-mo replay. (Thanks to Travis Hosler, of Seattle, for the link.)

Experiment Gone Wrong Video Of The Day?

Newscasters get dirty. Very dirty.

Live TV Video Of The Day?