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Hot Clicks: Irina Shayk; LeBron James says he's not close to decision

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As you guys know, I'm sorta into Twitter (follow me!). I've been following Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson (@str8edgeracer) for about a year and always found him to be entertaining and interesting. After reading his recent Tweets about his love of Lost and SI Swimsuit model Irina Shayk, I asked Wilson (via some Twitter stalking) if he would do a Q&A for Hot Clicks and he said yes. It turned out to be a long conversation about baseball, Twitter, TV shows, swimsuit models and much more.

A Chat With C.J. Wilson

Irina Shayk :: Raphael Mazzucco/Getty Images

There is a Visanthe Shiancoe-Darren Sharper feud. Sharper intimated last week that the Saints would target Brett Favre's knees in the season opener. Shiancoe responded by playing the Osama bin Laden card.

This Is Getting Ugly

England coach Fabio Capellohas banned wives and girlfriends, whom he called a "virus," from the World Cup. Team management even plans on spying on the players to make sure there is no funny business going on.

No Sex For You!

LeBron James taped an interview with Larry King yesterday that will air on CNN this Friday. One key exchange was the following:

King: You haven't made a decision yet, is that correct?

James: Correct.

King: OK. Would you say, all things being equal, you're close?

James: I'm far from close.

King: Far from close?

James: Yes. I don't -- I don't -- honestly, I haven't -- because July is still a month away, less than a month away. So I haven't -- I haven't began to, you know -- I've thought about it, but I haven't began to strategize exactly.

Here is a transcript from the show.

King Talks To King James

LeBron James, Larry King :: CNN

Last week Hot Clicks told you about the site Send LeBron To Chicago, which was trying to raise money to put up a LeBron James billboard. They got the funds.

One More LeBron Item...

A's pitcher Dallas Braden took advantage of a rain delay on Monday by running around the wet tarp and sliding headfirst into home.

Better Than Throwing A Perfect Game

The Big Lead, which many of you know is often linked to here in Hot Clicks, was just sold for an amount in the low seven figures. I want to congratulate TBL and let the rest of you know that if you've ever thought of starting a sports blog, now is the time. Also, the third installment of Blogs with Balls takes place this weekend in Chicago. Several top bloggers will speak about their experiences, so if you're in the blog world and can attend, I suggest you do.

Blog News

This was Hockey Night in Canada's opening to Game 2 of the Stanley Cup. It features Don Cherry as the Phantom of the Opera. Enough said.

Sports Video Of The Day

Jack Harry, the sports anchor at NBC's Kansas City affiliate KSHB, destroys the Royals.

Rant Of The Day

Since Larry King is in the sports news today, I thought we should enjoy this classic clip of Jerry Seinfeld getting a bit frustrated with the host.

Larry King Video Of The Day