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July 14, 2010: Related Stories


Related stories for July 14, 2010 issue

• Wizards In The Land Of Oz By Ray Cave, March 19, 1962With help from a magical guard, a poet and a school principal, UCLA surprised the West and became the most intriguing entry in the NCAA basketball championship. Read

• The Two Faces Of The Rubber ManBy Joe Jares, January 6, 1969With or without Lew Alcindor, UCLA's gentle Johnny Wooden is a great coach. Which doesn't mean that everyone loves him.

• The Team Of '64By Frank Deford, March 26, 1979UCLA was just one more school with a basketball team until seven players introduced the Bruins to the art of winning by going 30-0 and taking the NCAA title.

• The Coach And His ChampionBy Alexander Wolff, April 3, 1989John Wooden had 53 loving years with his wife, Nell. Now she's gone and he struggles alone.

• Gallery:John Wooden: A Life in Pictures• Gallery:John Wooden turns 99

• Playing with FireBy Chris Ballard, February 11, 2002Ron Artest, Jordan's favorite Bull, has some of the master's passion.

• The Eye of a Perfect StormBy Chris Ballard, November 29, 2004With his hair-trigger temper and history of eruptions, Pacers All-Star forward Ron Artest was exactly the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

• Opposites AttractBy L. Jon Wertheim, October 24, 2005Infamously flammable Ron Artest would seem to have little in common with Larry Bird, yet the most iconic Hoosier of them all says he sees plenty of himself in his most intense young star

• An Adviser in Need of AdviceBy Rick Reilly, March 19, 2007At some time or another, every one of us needs advice, someone to turn to in times of strife and confusion. And I think we can all agree that this person should be Ron Artest.

• Ron Wants a RingBy Ian Thomsen, July 27, 2009By signing a (somewhat) matured Ron Artest, the Lakers made the coolest move of what has been a sizzling off-season.• Gallery:NBA's Longest Suspensions• Gallery:Sports Figures Gone Mad

• A Heartbreaking Call That Could Change the Course of BaseballBy Tom Verducci, June 2, 2010With the most heartbreaking missed call in baseball history, Jim Joyce gave official proclamation to the 2010 baseball season: welcome to The Year of the Umpire.

• The Lesson of Jim JoyceBy Joe Posnanski, June 2, 2010There was something beautiful lost in the Jim Joyce fiasco, something that I hope I remember for as long as I remember the blown call. • For Good of the Game, Selig Needs to Reverse Ump's Blown Call By Frank Deford, June 3, 2010There are no do-overs in life. There are no do-overs in sports. Well, except in tennis, when they are called lets.

• Gallery:Biggest Blown Calls in History• Gallery:Perfect Games In The Modern Era

SI Recommends

• The Handsome Hero Of The HawksBy Kenneth Rudeen, November 14, 1960That's blond Bobby Hull, hottest shot of hockey's hungriest team, who at 21 is league scoring champion and one of the game's brightest stars.

• The Black Hawks' No. 2 Tries HarderBy William Leggett, January 31, 1966Stan Mikita is no Bobby Hull, but as the second best player on the Hawks team he is determined to get Chicago its first NHL championship.

• Hockey's Turn To Wage A WarBy Mark Mulvoy, June 19, 1972Following the example of other pro sports, an upstart league is betting $2 million it can swipe Bobby Hull from the established NHL and hack it out on the ice in a test of the continent's hockey hunger.

• No Squawks From The HawksBy Jack Fallas, November 15, 1982New Coach Orval Tessier has cleaned up Chicago's old riot act -- and how.

• On Top AgainBy Austin Murphy, April 3, 1995Bernie Nicholls of the Chicago Blackhawks has endured tragedy on his way back to NHL eminence.

• Gallery: Greatest Moments in Chicago History• Gallery:Iconic Photos of the Blackhawks• Gallery: Talented Teams With No Stanley Cup

• Game On: Roger vs. RafaelBy L. Jon Wertheim, June 13, 2005With his conquest of Roger Federer in Paris, teen sensation Rafael Nadal announced the onset of a fascinating new tennis rivalry. Next episode, Wimbledon.

• A King Ruled By A PrinceBy L. Jon Wertheim, June 19, 2006Second-ranked Rafael Nadal defended his French Open title by continuing his domination of No. 1 Roger Federer and spoiling his rival's Grand Slam bid.

• The Spin MasterBy L. Jon Wertheim, July 14, 2008Imposing his game on grass, Rafael Nadal ripped powerful topspin and sidespin shots to dethrone Roger Federer in a Wimbledon marathon that was the greatest match of all time.

• Too Hard On HimselfBy L. Jon Wertheim, June 29, 2009Rafael Nadal's physically taxing style of play is starting to catch up with him.

• Gallery:History of Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal

• A Football Hero is BornBy Andrew Lawrence, January 17, 2007A freshman's knack for spectacular plays has made him an instant legend in Gainesville.

• The Tebow EffectBy Andy Staples, February 18, 2008Quarterbacks who not only possess pinpoint accuracy but also can run over a linebacker are becoming all the rage.

• You Gotta Love Tim TebowBy Austin Murphy, July 27, 2009He's a Heisman Trophy winner and a two-time national champion, but the Florida quarterback will tell you he does his most important and rewarding work off the football field.

• Gallery: Florida Gators SI Cover Collection• Gallery: Heisman Moments: Failed Repeats