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Hot Clicks: Rosie Jones; Wally Backman's epic tirade against umpire

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The tournament is now under way, but there are still a few links soccer fans should check out. For example, the 50 most badass moments in World Cup history. And this amusing video that stars big-time soccer fan Steve Nash. As for the non-soccer fans, you can just skip to this link of Rosie Jones, one of the most popular models in England, who did a "World Cup" photo shoot for FHM.

The World Cup Has Begun

Rosie Jones. :: FHM

How did some Blackhawks fans celebrate winning the Stanley Cup? By toilet-papering coach Joel Quenneville's house.

Imagine If He Would've Lost

This kid shows his loyalty to the Cubs with a very interesting haircut.

Speaking Of Wacky Chicago Fans...

I'm not exactly sure if this video is new or old but it's a MUST-SEE. Let me repeat: IT'S MUST-SEE. It's five minutes of minor league manager (and former Mets second baseman) Wally Backman having the tirade of all tirades. However, I have to warn you. The f-word is used approximately 9,325 times. Put on headphones or lower your speakers. (Thanks to Jeremy Field, of Newark, Del., and Matt Kolpin, of Chicago, for the link.)

Wow, Wally. Just Wow.

Wally Backman

Did you catch Glen "Big Baby" Davisdrooling all over himself last night? And did you catch Paul Piercepunching the ref?

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Sports Video Of The Day

Here is the latest in "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship."

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

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