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Chicago Blackhawks (Related Stories)

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Chicago Blackhawks stories from the SI Vault

• The Handsome Hero Of The HawksBy Kenneth Rudeen, November 14, 1960That's blond Bobby Hull, hottest shot of hockey's hungriest team, who at 21 is league scoring champion and one of the game's brightest stars.

• The Black Hawks' No. 2 Tries HarderBy William Leggett, January 31, 1966Stan Mikita is no Bobby Hull, but as the second best player on the Hawks team he is determined to get Chicago its first NHL championship.

• Hockey's Turn To Wage A WarBy Mark Mulvoy, June 19, 1972Following the example of other pro sports, an upstart league is betting $2 million it can swipe Bobby Hull from the established NHL and hack it out on the ice in a test of the continent's hockey hunger.

• No Squawks From The HawksBy Jack Fallas, November 15, 1982New Coach Orval Tessier has cleaned up Chicago's old riot act -- and how.

• A Center Who Deserves AttentionBy Bob Kravitz, March 17, 1986Chicago Blackhawk Troy Murray has suddenly emerged as one of the NHL's biggest two-way stars.

• No Mere Mr. Nice GuyBy Jay Greenberg, May 14, 1990Blackhawk coach Mike Keenan isn't popular, but his team keeps winning.

• Blast From The PastBy E.M. Swift, October 7, 1991Jeremy Roenick, Chicago's fiery young center, is a throwback.

• Sweeping ChangeBy Jon Scher, June 1, 1992By turning the other cheek, the revamped Blackhawks whipped the Oilers in four games to win the Campbell Conference title.

• On Top AgainBy Austin Murphy, April 3, 1995Bernie Nicholls of the Chicago Blackhawks has endured tragedy on his way back to NHL eminence.

• Blackhawks DownBy Michael Farber, March 1, 2004Where have you gone, Stan Mikita? Bad management has made a once-beloved NHL franchise irrelevant in Chicago.

• Captain SeriousBy Michael Farber, October 26, 2009If it's hijinks you want, forget it. But at 21 Jonathan Toews has the skill, the grit and the determined demeanor to lead the Blackhawks to the Cup. No foolin'.