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Hot Clicks: Cameron Diaz talks Alex Rodriguez; Most ignored World Cup sign

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Cameron Diaz came out this week and denied reports that she's dating Alex Rodriguez. Her exact quote was, "No, no, no." Anyway, I don't care about this and neither do you. I only mention it because it allows me to segue into this must-see 1998 video of Derek Jeter and A-Rod hanging out together in Seattle and acting like best friends forever. Jeter's cell phone, by the way, is excellent.

A-Rod: Now And Then

Cameron Diaz :: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

The college football realignment madness touched some nerves. A Texas A&M fan sent this not-very-nice e-mail to the school's AD, Bill Byrne, who responded by leaving this not-very-nice voicemail for said fan. Both links contain strong language. (Thanks to reader Casey Cowan for the links.)

Testy, Testy -- Part I

If you missed Tom Izzo's press conference last night, in which he announced he was staying at Michigan State, it was a doozy. I strongly recommend checking out the second video here and fast-forwarding to the 13:20 mark for a long, contentious exchange between the coach and a writer.

Testy, Testy -- Part II looks at six instances in history when the Stanley Cup was lost. Chicago defenseman Brian Campbell gave each teammate a personalized bottle of Jose Cuervo, so there is a chance a Blackhawks story could be added to this piece. (Thanks to Justin, of Boston, for the link.)

Will The Blackhawks End Up On This List?

SI Recommends

Tomas Kopecky, Marian Hossa :: Bill Smith/Getty Images

Is this the most ignored sign in sports history?

Not Effective

These 12-year-old twin brothers have started a Web site,, to help get LeBron James to New York. Meanwhile, starting July 1, Miami-Dade County will be known as Miami-Wade County, as the Heat supporters do their best to get Dwyane Wade to re-sign with Miami.

Today's 'Courting LeBron And Wade' Update

Kobe Bryant has his press conference routine down pat. Throw in some one-word answers, rub your face, give out a sarcastic laugh and then throw out a cliche. Don't believe me? Watch this video.

Sports Video Of The Day

This clip proves once again that there is nothing funnier (and sadder) on TV than local news. Check out his report on "Big Foot." (Thanks to Terrell Oller, of Denver, and Matt Coffey, of Granite Falls, N.C., for the link.)

Local News Video Of The Day