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Hot Clicks: Brooklyn Decker; Yankees mad at Lady Gaga

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Over the past few months, Hot Clicks has periodically updated you on's tournament to determine the sexiest woman of 2010. The final results came in last week and the winner is someone who made a splash earlier this year: Brooklyn Decker.

Sexiest Woman Alive

Brooklyn Decker :: Gary Miller/Getty Images

Lady Gaga attended Friday night's Mets-Yankees game (wearing a barely buttoned jersey over a bra and panties) and somehow wormed her way into the Bombers clubhouse (while apparently intoxicated) after their loss. This did not sit well with Yankees brass. However, the Mets don't seemed to be scared off by Gaga's antics, even though she flipped the bird at a Mets game a couple of weeks ago. On Wednesday, in an effort to get David Wright All-Star votes, they're holding "Go Gaga for Wright" night. Fans will be given a foam finger that says "Make Wright #1."

Pop Star + Sports = Debacle (Part 1)

Miley Cyrus presented an award at last night's MuchMusic Video Awards with Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews, and the results were not pretty.

Pop Star + Sports = Debacle (Part 2)

The Pittsburgh Pirates, who haven't had a winning season since 1992 and sit at 25-44 this year, may not know how to run a baseball team, but they know how to handle a rogue pierogi. Last week, news broke that the organization had quietly extended the contracts of manager John Russell and GM Neal Huntington. You know, because they've done so well. Anyway, one of the team's pierogi mascots voiced his displeasure with the contract extensions on Facebook, so the Pirates fired him. The mascot is a 24-year-old guy making $100 a month and the team fired him. And that's why they're the Pirates. (Thanks to Ross Schreck, of Lake City, Minn., for the tip.)

More Patheticness From The Pirates

Pirates Pierogis :: John Grieshop/Getty Images

Here is a fun look at the worst sports show theme songs of all time.

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Subpar Songs

A French reporter went on ESPN Sunday and used some bad language. Gotta love total pro Bob Ley apologizing and thanking the reporter in one breath at the end. ... The Vuvuzelas invaded Saturday's Rays-Marlins game. ... Reader Andrew K., of San Diego, says this is "the best vuvuzela song ever." ... Here is a compilation of the best World Cup commercials that have aired during the tournament. ... And here is a gallery that shows how teams train for the World Cup.

World Cup Links

Matt, of Hershey, Pa., says, "I figured this was appropriate right now."

Sports Video Of The Day

Remember the video Hot Clicks posted last week of a baby doing a mean Samba? Here is Part 2.

Dancing Baby Video Of The Day

This is not real, but nobody would be surprised if it were.

Ridiculous Product/Commercial Video Of The Day