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Los Angeles Lakers (Related Stories)

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Los Angeles Lakers stories from the SI Vault

• A Trip For Ten Tall MenBy James Murray, January 30, 1961The bizarre and the pathetic are encountered daily by basketball's Los Angeles Lakers as they crisscross the country to meet their demanding schedule.

• Smashing Hurrah For The LakersBy John Underwood, February 8, 1965Playing in the bright, airy Los Angeles Arena, the Lakers are the most enthusiastically supported team in the National Basketball Association, with movie stars like Doris Day (left, at her all-American-girl best), Dean Martin and Bing Crosby leading the cheers.

• On Top - But In TroubleBy Frank Deford, January 27, 1969Wilt Chamberlain was going to make the Los Angeles Lakers go. Now it looks like the only going thing may be Coach Butch van Breda Kolff. The team is winning, but the price comes high.

Getting Up And Going After A Title• By Peter Carry, December 13, 1971Old pro Bill Sharman, the new coach, keys his program to plenty of training and, sure enough, the breakaway Lakers are out to prove that practice makes perfect.

• Swish And They're InBy Peter Carry, May 15, 1972Flashing lots of hot hands -- and a single sore one -- Los Angeles goes all the way.

SI Recommends

• It's A Wild West ShowBy Curry Kirkpatrick, February 14, 1977Abdul-Jabbar is putting up a Moon Ball, Jerry West is coaching up a storm and the Lakers are up at the top.

• Arms And The ManBy John Papanek, May 26, 1980With the Big Fella out, Magic Johnson was the Man. He came through transcendently as L.A. won the NBA title.

• The 'Movie Stars' Changed Their ActBy Alexander Wolff, June 10, 1985Glittery Los Angeles took top billing with a smash double feature after Boston's Celtics dominated the premiere.

• I'll Deal With ItBy Magic Johnson, November 18, 1991HIV has forced me to retire, but I'll still enjoy life as I speak out about safe sex.

• Welcome To The Club, Big GuyBy Richard Hoffer, November 11, 1996From George Mikan to Shaquille O'Neal, Lakers centers have been pivotal to the pro game's evolution.

• The Shaq FactorBy Jack McCallum, June 17, 2002How have Shaquille O'Neal, and his size 22s led the Lakers' march to a third straight title? Let us count the ways.

• The EndBy Jack McCallum, July 26, 2004By trading Shaquille O'Neal and keeping Kobe Bryant, the Lakers dropped the curtain on the NBA's most riveting soap opera. (Can you hear the applause all over the West?)

• SatisfactionBy Chris Ballard, June 22, 2009The Lakers are NBA champions again, and it's because they have a star who would settle for nothing less.