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USC Scandal (Related Stories)

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USC scandal stories from the SI Vault

• O.J. Mayo Case Another Sad Chapter on a Shady Part of the GameBy Luke Winn, May 12, 2008The first time the names O.J. Mayo and Rodney Guillory appeared together in a newspaper, in December 2005, the arrangement was innocent in comparison with the $200,000 agent-payment scandal that's now in the headlines.

• USC's Self-Imposed Sanctions Are Nowhere Near Severe EnoughBy George Dohrmann, January 5, 2010USC would like you to believe that when it self-imposed sanctions on its basketball program last Sunday, it dropped the hammer on its troubled hoops program. What Garrett and the Trojans also did was take everyone, including the members of the NCAA's Committee on Infractions (COI), for fools.

• Carroll Knew About Coach's Drug Addiction Before Car CrashBy Michael McKnight, January 13, 2010At just past 2 p.m. on May 17, 2008, El Segundo, Calif., police officer Cory McEnroe arrived at the scene of an auto accident on the Pacific Coast Highway and found a Jeep Commander buried in the rear end of a Volkswagen Passat. McEnroe quickly deduced that the driver, later identified as USC assistant football coach Dave Watson, was dangerously impaired.

• Student Body RightBy Joe Posnanski, January 25, 2010Coaches can bolt, but players are stuck. They shouldn't be.• An Inside Look at the NCAA's Secretive Committee on InfractionsBy George Dohrmann, February 18, 2010For three days beginning on Thursday, a 10-person NCAA committee will convene in a conference room at a hotel in Tempe, Ariz. There are more than 125 NCAA committees that meet during a calendar year and this one is no different in that its members are largely unrecognizable collegiate bureaucrats.

• NCAA Hearing May Have Greater Impact on USC's Past Than FutureBy Stewart Mandel, February 18, 2010This week, however, a group of USC officials will return to Tempe under far less pleasant circumstances. Following a nearly four-year investigation, the school will finally appear before the NCAA's Committee on Infractions to address allegations that Bush and his family received hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra benefits from a group of aspiring sports marketers.

• It Won't Be Easy, But Trojans Can Bounce Back From NCAA SanctionsBy Andy Staples, June 20, 2010If I'm USC football coach Lane Kiffin, I'm on a mission. Or, more specifically, my players are. Kiffin's best option after the NCAA dropped the hammer on his program is to encourage his best young players to serve two-year religious missions, which pause the NCAA's eligibility clock.

• Troy BurningBy George Dohrmann, June 21, 2010Mike Garrett saw no evil. Now USC is paying the price.