June 28, 2010

Environmental stories from the SI Vault

• America Down The DrainBy Robert Boyle, Nov. 16, 1964The author, long an ardent conservationist and now a very worried one as well, rises in personal and purposeful wrath to denounce those he calls the spoilers of the country. He itemizes the vastness of their wreckage -- past and planned -- and he mourns for an America that he fears is lost forever.

Anatomy Of A Man-Made DroughtBy Robert Boyle, March 15, 1982Somebody did something about the weather in Florida; now a looming disaster demands that it be undone.

Forecast For DisasterBy Robert Boyle, November 16, 1987Man-made pollutants are producing changes in the earth's climate that may prove catastrophic.

In Shock Over ShellsBy Robert Boyle, October 15, 1990Prolific zebra mussels threaten to overwhelm North America's waters.

The Killing FieldsBy Robert Boyle, March 22, 1993Toxic drainwater from irrigated farmland in California and other Western states has created an environmental calamity.

Going, Going GreenBy Alexander Wolff, March 12, 2007As global warming changes the planet, it is changing the sports world. To counter the looming environmental crisis, surprising and innovative ideas are already helping sports adapt.

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