July 06, 2010

Don Coryell stories from the SI Vault

Mighty Win For A Minor With Major AmbitionsBy Gary Ronberg, October 24, 1966San Diego State has 17,000 students but a little-league rating. Saturday it rose up to smack down San Jose State, conqueror of California and Oregon, and underline its legitimate claim to big-time consideration

Supercharger Is Ready To BlastBy Barry McDermott, August 20, 1979As the San Diego aerial circus revs up for the new season, John Jefferson, the top receiver at lighting the scoreboard last season, expects to shine even brighter now that No. 1 draft choice Kellen Winslow is on hand.

The Chargers' Fancy Is PassingBy Paul Zimmerman, September 28, 1981San Diego Coach Don Coryell believes in victory through air power, and his team has gone 3-0 playing bombs away.

At Last, Some D For San DiegoBy Rick Telander, August 22, 1983No Air Coryell lead was ever safe when the Chargers' alleged defense was on the field, but five rookies may change that.

Coryell Airs A SecretBy SI Staff, September 20, 1999Don Coryell drew up the plays that helped him become the only coach in football to win 100 games on both the college and pro levels. But 60 years ago, standing at a blackboard in his Seattle junior high school, Coryell couldn't diagram a sentence if his life depended on it.

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