Hot Clicks: Ikki Twins; Best kick of the World Cup

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Reader Matt Rositano, says, "As a Cleveland fan, I don't see how your Lovely Lady of the Day can be a non-Clevelander." I couldn't agree more after seeing the Ikki Twins on this list of the 10 hottest women from Cleveland.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

The Ikki Twins :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

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Programming Note

The Montreal Alouettes' Tim Maypray returned a missed field goal for a touchdown.

Longest TD You'll Ever See

How could fans not have voted for Joey Votto after hearing this tune set to Styx's Mr. Roboto.

This Is Why He's An All-Star

Uruguay's Martin Caceres knocks out the Netherlands' Demy de Zeeuw.

The Kick Of The World Cup

Meet Paul, the psychic Octopus.

The Star Of The World Cup

No matter how hard this guy tries, his dog just won't listen to him.

I Guess He's Not Trained

Nyjer Morgan has quickly become a guy who you must watch when he gives an interview.

'Dr. Freeze Off His Stick'???

Even if they don't have many photos from the big day.

They'll Always Remember Their Wedding Day

This commercial for a Russian airline has caused quite a stir.

An Effective Ad

This took place in 2008, but it's still worth a look since it's World Cup time. Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger is interviewed after his team's loss to Spain when he gets a surprise.

A New Level Of Taunting