July 19, 2010

Floyd Little stories in the SI Vault

A Man Who Goes Around To Get AheadBy SI Staff, September 21, 1964Floyd Little is a pleasant young man with a bright personality who, at 22, has been around longer than most sophomores. He will play halfback at Syracuse, and if Coach Ben Schwartzwalder is any judge he will play it very well.

Jitterbugging To A BowlBy SI Staff, September 19, 1966Floyd Little, perhaps the best breakaway back in the country, has already intimidated more people than Groucho Marx. Whenever he takes off with the ball, which is about 20 times a game, his bandy legs churning, dipping and twisting, defenders have a problem.

Swarm To DaylightBy Tex Maule, November 13, 1972There is a run on rushing, and the pass is now passé in the NFL. Most of the best teams are featuring a stampede attack, and almost every club has at least one runner capable of big yardage.

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