July 26, 2010

SI Vault stories on Stan Musial

Subject: Stan MusialBy Joan Flynn Dreyspool, July 9, 1956"I've things I want to do," says Stan the Man. "There's always a challenge"

Sportsman of the Year - Stan MusialBy Paul O'Neil, December 23, 1957Deep in their inner fiber Americans still remember the vanished frontier, and measure their heroes against its hard and simple attitudes; the leathery "old pro" rather than the dashing amateur is the real beau ideal of U.S. sport. The Sportsman of the Year for 1957 is a grand professional: Stanley Frank Musial, bright, particular star of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Man's Finest HourBy Walter Bingham, May 19, 1958September 17, 1941 in St. Louis was hot, and Manager Billy Southworth of the Cardinals decided to rest his brilliant center fielder Terry Moore in the second game of the double-header with the Boston Braves. He moved Johnny Hopp from right to center, and in right he put the Polish kid just in from Rochester. The kid's name was Stan Musial.

Benching Of A LegendBy Roger Kahn, September 12, 1960The prideful struggle of an aging Stan Musial to keep on playing ball has been a painful experience for everyone.

Last Time Around With StanBy Theodore M. O'Leary, October 7, 1963In late August one of baseball's most remarkable men began his final swing through the National League. A touching but cheerful report on the end of a fabulous career.

Stanley, The General ManagerBy William Leggett, March 20, 1967The best ballplayer ever to become top dog in a front office laughs, does card tricks, signs autographs and -- oh, yes -- waxes optimistic.

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