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Hot Clicks: Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders; Brandon Phillips rips Cardinals

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Last Monday I told you guys that I'd begin each week through the first Sunday of the NFL season by counting down to kickoff. However, thanks to Brianna McLaughlin and the controversial University of Central Florida photoshoot, I had to call an audible yesterday. So, we're picking up the countdown today as we're slightly less than five weeks away from the opening Sunday. In honor of that, Hot Clicks is featuring the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders. The squad isn't just satisfied with cheering on the Iggles. They're also trying to help gulf restoration by donating 10 percent of their swimsuit calendar sales to the charity.

Five Weeks To Go -- Sorta

Eagles cheerleader ::

Sorry, Bo. I don't want to embarrass you even further, but I have no choice. Folks, just look what this Astros fan did last night. (Thanks to Pete Riepe, of Houston, for the link.)

Oh, No, Bo

We've been covering the ridiculous hazing haircuts that have taken place throughout the NFL. Here is a good summary of 20 memorable, light-hearted hazing incidents from recent years.

It's That Time Of Year

Reds second baseman Brandon Phillipson the St. Louis Cardinals before Monday's game: "I'd play against these guys on one leg. We have to beat these guys. All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them. They're little bitches, all of them. I really hate the Cardinals. Compared to the Cardinals, I love the Chicago Cubs. Let me make this clear: I hate the Cardinals." The Cardinals then beat the Reds, 7-3. Phillips went 0 for 5. Karma? Perhaps. Either way, at least this saga led to this great "headline."

Now THIS Is Trash Talking

Brandon Phillips :: Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

Mariners shortstop Jack Wilson has landed on the disabled list with a fractured finger... after slipping in his bathroom. (Thanks to Kris Morrow, of Knoxville, Ill., for the link.)

Latest Bizarre Baseball Injury

Here are 25 signs you're a 1980s WWF wrestling fan. ... Inspired by Jimmy Johnson's appearance on Survivor, here are some photoshops of other NFL coaches on reality shows. ... The Lingerie Football League just released their 2010 All-Fantasy team.

Random Links

I'm not sure why there was a pool near the soccer field in this clip from a recent game in Saudi Arabia, but the end result was inevitable. (Thanks to Sergio Magalhaes da Silveira Filho, of Recife, Brazil, for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Someone took Emmitt Smith's emotional Hall of Fame speech from this past weekend and did the only natural thing -- made it into this Brokeback Mountain trailer. (Thanks to Tony, of New York, for the video.)

Movie Trailer Of The Day

Longtime Red Wings forward Darren McCarty belted out the John Mellencamp classic, Pink Houses, at a Wings alumni charity softball game over the weekend.(Thanks to reader Andrew Fine for the video.)

Music Video Of The Day

We started today's edition by mentioning the UCF/Playmate story. Well, here is video of Shanna McLaughlin talking about the controversy yesterday at a Playboy golf event in Chicago,

Shanna McLaughlin Video Of The Day