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Hot Clicks: Florida Panthers ice dancers; LeBron James' angry tweet

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The Florida Panthers are experimenting with quite an interesting way to sell tickets. Fans choose the seats they want and offer the price they'll pay. The team then notifies you if the bid was accepted or denied within 24 hours. If you do this and get tickets for a ridiculously cheap price, shoot me an e-mail. On a side note, the Panthers are holding open auditions for their Ice Dance squad this Saturday. If you try out, you have to wear a sports bra and "hot shorts." Naturally.

The Price Is Right

Florida Panthers Ice Dancers ::

Apparently, Andy Reid doesn't have too much to worry about with the Eagles because he's now focused on frivolous nonsense at training camp. reports that Reid had a security guard ask a fan attending Wednesday morning's practice to take off the Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey he was wearing.

Reid's Ridiculous Request

UPDATE, 11:04 a.m.: Apparently the fan in question was not in the stands, but on the sidelines as a guest of the team.

The Raiders are the latest team to give out ridiculous haircuts to its rookies. Alex Parsons, an offensive lineman out of USC, got a bonus: He also had half his beard shaved.

Today In Hazing Haircuts

King James -- as he calls himself on Twitter -- sent out the Tweet above last night. I responded to LeBron, but unfortunately, he didn't write back. Apparently James' business meeting with a rabbi -- whom he paid -- didn't leave him in a peaceful and spiritual mood.

LeBron James' Pathetic PR Continues

LeBron James Twitter

Normally, when Hot Clicks posts video of an athlete singing or doing karaoke, it's pretty brutal. However, Texas AM& quarterback Jerrod Johnson does a very solid job with the '90s classic, No Diggity.

'I Like The Way You Work It'

Tim Tebow's hideous Friar Tuck hairdo is no more. He's going with the shaved-head look now. ... A Lions fan has embarked on a 425-mile walk to show support for his squad. ... Here are the 12 personalities at every fantasy football draft.

Random Links

The Iceland soccer team is back with three new celebrations. You must stick around to see the last one that begins at the 48-second mark. (Thanks to P-Max, of La Pesse, France, for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

The Redskins tight end is all about carrots these days.

Chris Cooley Video Of The Day

Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant, gets the Taiwanese CGI treatment.

Music Video Of The Day

Jimmy Fallon also got in on the Steven Slater fun. Here's his new tune, Get Two Beers and Jump.

Music Video Of The Day