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Hot Clicks: Amber Lancaster; Rex Ryan responds to Tony Dungy

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In Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks, Andy Gray linked to the photo above of an Auburn fan. Then came this e-mail from T.J., of Cincinnati. "Jimmy, I know that lower-back tattoos are definitely a no-no, especially when it is on a dude! However, the Auburn tattoo has a funny story. That is a buddy of mine here in Cincinnati. He is a true Auburn alum. He took that tattoo as a dare in college and received decent compensation. I went to the West Virginia-Auburn football game with him last year (I am a WVU alum) and you would be surprised how many comments he gets on that thing! I thought in his honor I would at least mention the bet because 1) it is true and 2) it might help gain some of his self-respect back." So I wrote back to T.J. to find out the compensation. He said, "The tattoo was paid for and he got $200 cash. Not a bad month of partying in college. You have to do a poll to see if people would take that bet to get a tramp stamp of their favorite college football team for $200 and the cost. As a very passionate Mountaineers fan, I would have a tough time making a decision on that." I'm reluctant to do a poll because if more than one percent say "yes,", I'll be shocked, but here it goes.

The Price Of A Dare

Auburn tattoo

In honor of Bobby Thomson's passing Tuesday, here's a look at the top 10 greatest sports calls of all time.

Classic Calls

The ridiculousness of the Tony Dungy-Rex Ryan feud continues. First, holier-than-thou Tony got all bent of shape about Rex liberally using the f-word on Hard Knocks . Then Rex's dad, Buddy, told Dungy to back off. And now Ryan, who runs his mouth as much as anyone, got all "emotional" when talking Dungy's criticism.

Is This Seventh Grade?

Back on June 8, Hot Clicks gave its LLOD honors to Amber Lancaster, the former Seahawks cheerleader, former girlfriend of Friday Night Lights star, Zach Gilford, and current star of MTV's The Hard Times of R.J. Berger. Now, either many of you missed that edition or Lancaster is extremely popular, because there is not a day that goes by that I don't get an e-mail asking me to make Lancaster the Lovely Lady of the Day. So, here, one more time is Amber Lancaster.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Amber Lancaster :: Jesse Grant

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