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Pennant Races (Related Stories)


Pennant race stories in the SI Vault

The Young Pitchers Take CommandBy Tex Maule, June 16, 1961Close to the halfway mark in another typically tight National League pennant race, a group of strong-armed youngsters seems to control the balance of power.

San Francisco: "This Race Is Not Over Yet By A Long Shot"By William Leggett, September 26, 1966Last Saturday afternoon Herman Franks, manager of the San Francisco Giants, sat in his office with his cap on backward, a cigar in his mouth, a drink in his hand and his ample forehead covered with wrinkles. The entire week had been bewildering for Herman and his Giants.

Wheelin' Away Out WestBy William Leggett, August 20, 1973L.A.'s Little Blue Bicycle uses some old parts and an infield full of new ones trying to outrun Cincy's Big Red Machine.

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How Far Behind Is Too Far Behind?By Ron Fimrite, August 16, 1976History shows that this season's second-place teams still have a chance of winning, though each would need a comeback equal to baseball's most dramatic to do it.

Now The Race Is OnBy Steve Wulf, August 25, 1980Five wins in seven games with New York have put the Orioles in hot pursuit of another AL East title.

Revving Up In MotownBy John Garrity, August 17, 1987Detroit walloped the Yankees to enliven the race in the AL East.

Bright SpotBy Tom Verducci, September 2, 1996Though shaky of late, the retooled Yankees have steadied themselves for the stretch run.

Sammy's Second SeasonBy Tom Verducci, August 25, 2003Sammy Sosa has been the game's most prolific power hitter over the past two months. But is that enough to redeem him from his corked-bat sin?