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Morning Jolt: Damon would have gone to Rays, Yanks


Tuesday, August 24

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Damon would have gone to Rays, Yankees

Had he been claimed by another team, Johnny Damon might already be in a different city by now. Getting claimed on waivers did not surprise the Tigers outfielder. Getting claimed by the Red Sox did. He thought it would be the Yankees or Rays. He hoped it would be the Yankees or Rays -- if it had to be anyone. And had it been either of those teams, he was ready to go. The fact it was Red Sox is something entirely different, however. As he said, it got ugly up there in Back Bay after the 2005 season, his last with the Sox. Was he scarred by how the fans turned on him when he signed with the Yankees? "Absolutely," he said. (The Detroit News)Comment

Vikes' woes worsen on offense

With the Brett Favre outcome answered, the Vikings offense seems to be sprouting more question marks -- including "likely" surgery on Sidney Rice. [Sunday] night in a 15-10 preseason loss at San Francisco, there were some noticeable miscues when it came to protecting the quarterback. ... Niners linebacker Patrick Willis managed to go around [Adrian Peterson] far too easily early in the first quarter before slamming Favre to the ground. The No. 1 concern, however, might be at wide receiver. What appeared to be a position of strength now has two significant questions -- Sidney Rice (hip) and Percy Harvin (migraines) have either been off the field entirely or on and off since training camp opened. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)Comment

Redick 'cool with' backup status

Orlando isn't getting as much "Floridian love" as Miami, but perhaps it should for its work in keeping players such as J.J. Redick, who was recently asked whether it was time for him to be a starting shooting guard. "I'll be politically correct about it because that's the honest answer: I would like to start on an NBA team. But I'd also like to start on a really good NBA team. And for me, there's no substitute for winning. So, if I have to play my whole career on playoff teams and be a backup, I'm fully cool with that. You know, I just want to be a part of a great organization and a winning team, and I have it with the Magic. Whether Vince [Carter] sticks around for two more years or one more year or four more years, I'm not going to complain. I'm happy with my situation." (Dime Magazine)Comment

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