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Mark Sanchez (Related Stories)

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Mark Sanchez stories in the SI Vault

35--3 For USC (Deja Vu for OSU)By Austin Murphy, September 22, 2008With new passer Mark Sanchez and an unproven offensive line performing well in their first important test, top-ranked USC was its usual brilliant self in becoming the latest team to expose Ohio State in a big-game situation.

The MatadorBy Andrew Lawrence, October 6, 2008USC junior quarterback Mark Sanchez is quick on his feet and deadly with his arm.

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2009 NFL Mock DraftBy Peter King, April 27, 2009Crabtree is the perfect metaphor for this draft: brilliant upside, but with a lot of scouts' questions to clear up. Want a sure thing? Not this year.

Party CrashersBy Peter King, January 25, 2010Behind their ground game and defense, the Jets become bolder and better each step of the way.