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A-Rod and Boras no more


Yankees star Alex Rodriguez appears to have parted ways with his longtime agent Scott Boras.

There was a rumor that Rodriguez wrote to Boras to make the move official, but the agent declined to confirm it. And while there is reason to believe there has been a split -- with Rodriguez under contract with the Yankees until he's 42, he may not feel he needs a baseball agent -- Boras is still listed as A-Rod's agent by the Major League Baseball Players Associaton.

The separation of baseball's highest paid player and its most famous agent was first reported on USA Today's Website and on Boras has represented Rodriguez since he signed with the Seattle Mariners in 1993 as a high school star out of Miami.

Hollywood agent Guy Oseary has been seen with Rodriguez in recent days, sources say, but it isn't yet clear how he figures into the picture. A-Rod met Oseary through Madonna, who uses Oseary as her agent. Oseary has advised A-Rod before.

"We manage him. We aren't his baseball agent," says Danielle Doll, a spokesperson from Oseary's office.

Pittsburgh attorney Jay Reisinger and Washington DC attorney Jim Sharp will continue to handle legal duties for A-Rod, but they are not replacing Boras as his baseball agent. Reisinger advised Rodriguez after the slugger was accused of steriod use and represents him in the case of Anthony Galea, the Toronto doctor who allegedly injected pro athletes with performance-enhancers, including human growth hormone.

Boras helped A-Rod land more than $500 million worth of baseball contracts during their time together. They teamed up for two of the biggest deals in sports history: a $252-million, 10-year contract with the Texas Rangers followed by a $275-million, 10-year deal with the Yankees that includes $30 million in home run plateau monies. The Yankees deal became possible due to an "out'' in the Texas contract after seven years.

The Yankees deal runs until Rodriguez is 42, so he may not need someone to negotiate baseball matters for him. Boras' role beyond negotiation is to work with players on enhancing their performance and keeping them fit. Rodriguez, who is on the disabled list with a calf injury, is expected back Sunday.