Hot Clicks: Saints cheerleaders; Tennessee football players get shower lesson

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Yes, that headline is unoriginal and lame, but at least the question is relevant as the 2010 NFL season kicks off tonight (although, Sunday is the true Opening Day). Anyway, the folks in New Orleans are so pumped for their team to begin its title defense that nearly 30 schools will close early today in anticipation of the Saints home game against the Vikings. Speaking of schools, the NFL has teamed up with the United Way to make tomorrow "Back to Football Friday." They want you to wear a jersey of your favorite team to school or work. They're even giving you a chance to win a trip to Super Bowl XLV if you participate in the event. Lastly, we celebrate tonight's game with a look at the Saintsations and the Viking cheerleaders.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Saints cheerleaders ::

What was one of the first things Tennessee coach Derek Dooley had to do when he took over for Lane Kiffin? Teach his players how to shower properly.

It's Not All X's And O's

I've stated many times that I'm a big Chris Berman fan. You can rip me all you want, but I love The Swami. However, Berman's new moustache is indefensible.

Warning: Look At Your Own Risk

Last night, the NFL Network aired America's Game, which told the story of the 2010 Saints. You can watch some clips here, but check the listings and watch/DVR the replay if you haven't see it. The highlight was the documentation of Sean Payton's love of Juicy Fruit gum. (Thanks to @Xmasape for the link.)

It's All About The Gum

Sean Payton :: Don Arnold/Getty Images

Do you know the difference between a college fight song and a military anthem?

Quiz Time

Friend of Hot Clicks, Chris Cooley, has been relatively quiet the past couple of months. He acknowledges that and explains why in his latest blog post. But Cooley will be back tomorrow when Hot Clicks unveils its 2010 Celebrity NFL Picks Contest. Make sure you check tomorrow's P.M. Hot Clicks for full details.


If you'd like to be in the Hot Clicks NFL Pick 'Em Pool, go to this site, find "Hot Clicks" and sign up. I'm not sure what the first-place prize will be yet, but hopefully I'll have an announcement on that soon.

Pool Time

It would be too easy to make a "Sidney Crosby could be the Pirates best hitter" joke, so I'll just tell you that the Penguins superstar took batting practice before Pittsburgh's game yesterday. (Thanks to Chris Robertson, of Halifax Nova Scotia, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Roger Federer was interviewed by ESPN after his win against Roger Soderling last night. While talking about his young kids, ESPN muted something Federer said. And now everyone wants to know what Federer said. If you were there, e-mail me. My guess is that it might have had something to do with a lack of romantic time with his wife since he had two young kids, but, again, that's just a guess.

Mystery Video Of The Day