Sports Sibilings (Related Stories)

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Sports Sibilings stories in the SI Vault

Oh, Brother! A Pair To WatchBy Jack Olsen, March 29, 1971For such an affectionate family, the Espositos seem headed for a rousing scrap come Stanley Cup time when Boston's Phil, a champion scorer, starts shooting at Chicago's Tony, a goalie supreme.

John Hannah Doesn't Fiddle AroundBy Paul Zimmerman, August 3, 1981At least not on the football field, where, says the author, his brains, brawn and speed have made him the top offensive lineman in NFL history.

McEnroe, Pillar Of DecorumBy Richard Yallop, February 4, 1991There were tantrums at the Australian Open, but they weren't thrown by up-and-coming Patrick McEnroe.

Diamond HeirsBy Michael Farber, June 19, 1995It was Felipe Alou's destiny to become a baseball star, and then the game became his family's legacy.

By Jeffri Chadiha, May 3, 2004In the first test of his NFL career, quarterback Eli Manning bucked the draft and came out on top.

Brotherly LoveBy E.M. Swift, December 10, 2006Looking at top siblings in each major sport.