Hot Clicks: Sara Carbonero; Ed Hochuli's long-winded explanation

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I'm not completely sure you guys care about the Ines Sainz controversy that blew up a couple of weeks ago. The media cares. Sports fans? I'm not sure. But the story has taken an interesting twist that's worth mentioning. Sainz is now ripping the Association for Women in Sports Media, the group that filed a complaint to the NFL on Sainz's behalf. Anyway, I know you guys care about Spanish TV sports reporter Sara Carbonero, because she became a fixture during the World Cup, and reaction to her was overwhelming. She attended some event in Spain last night, and I figured it would be nice to re-visit Carbonero, who clearly would be a huge hit in the Jets locker room.

The Sports Reporters

Sara Carbonero :: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

The NHL announced today that HBO will air a four episode, all-access series featuring the Capitals and Penguins as a lead up to their meeting in the Winter Classic at Heinz Field on Jan. 1, 2011.

Hockey's Hard Knocks

If you ever want to get out of jury duty, don't use NFL season tickets as your excuse.


I'm sure there weren't many of you watching the Patriots-Jets game with 1:36 remaining in the fourth quarter last Sunday, but that's still no excuse for no one sending me this clip ofEd "Guns" Hochuli giving one of the most long-winded penalty explanations you'll ever hear until Tim, of Vestal, N.Y., e-mailed it late Wednesday.

A Very Thorough Explanation

Ed Hochuli :: G Newman Lowrance/Getty Images

Nobody in the history of professional wrestling except for maybe The Rock (check this out) and Roddy Piper can come close to Ric Flair when it comes to giving promos. However, when the Nature Boy stoops to doing the ridiculous "Bros Icing Bros" thing -- months after it was barely relevant -- it's a sad day.

Oh, No, Nature Boy

This past Sunday was the 20th anniversary of Goodfellas hitting theaters across the country. This article fromGQ with quotes from numerous people involved with the film is a must read. And this quiz about the movie is a nice time killer.

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks linked to a blog that compiled 11 epic fan takedowns. This had many of you writing in about omissions. First up, is this one sent in by an anonymous reader. The announcers laughing at the fan is actually more enjoyable than the takedown.

Takedown Video Of The Day

Clay, of Monument, Col., said, "Regarding fan takedowns, check out Mike Curtis wiping out some nimrod who tried to run out on the football field and steal the ball. Curtis was a nasty LB for the Colts back in the day. I don't know where you would find this video. Had to be back in the "70s when it happened." And Mike McQueen, of El Paso, Texas, said, "Is there no video from the Mike Curtis (Baltimore Colts) takedown of the fan that ran onto the field? Makes that hockey ref look timid." Well, there is video, and the incident takes place at the 2:09 mark.

Second Takedown Video Of The Day

The clip sent most to me yesterday was this one of a streaker getting nailed by a cricket player. But I have to warn you, the video is NSFW because the streaker's naked bottom is exposed.

Third Takedown Video Of The Day