NHL Preview (Related Stories)

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NHL Preview stories in the SI Vault

The Handsome Hero Of The HawksBy Kenneth Rudeen, November 14, 1960That's blond Bobby Hull, hottest shot of hockey's hungriest team, who at 21 is league scoring champion and one of the game's brightest stars.

Hockey '69: The Rough Get RougherBy Gary Ronberg, October 13, 1969Influenced by the pugnacious style that carried Boston so far against the champion Montreal Canadiens last season, the other NHL teams have toughened up for a campaign of heavy hitting.

A Seller's MarketBy Mark Mulvoy, October 20, 1975When Marcel Dionne put himself up for bids, buyers from both leagues got a complicated lesson in modern sales promotion.

He's The Hindmost Of The DevilsBy Jack Falla, November 8, 1982Chico Resch must save, save ...

A King In Edmonton By Austin Murphy, October 31, 1988Wayne Gretzky returned to his old city and was greeted with heartfelt cheers.

The Good Old DaysBy E.M Swift, October 7, 1996That's what Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky hope to recapture in New York.

Will Skate For FoodBy Michael Farber, October 4, 2004In the first week of the lockout, NHL players were taking games wherever they could find them.