Ranked-on-ranked matchups will bring tectonic shifts to Top 25

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There will be chaos. Oh yes, something big is going to happen this week. I can feel it.

How's that for a bold prediction?

OK, so I'm not exactly going out on a limb. The Power Rankings will undergo some tectonic shifts this week thanks to two games (Florida-Alabama and Stanford-Oregon) matching top 10 teams. Meanwhile, three other games (Wisconsin-Michigan State, Texas-Oklahoma, Penn State-Iowa) feature ranked teams. That doesn't even take into account the fun that always comes when the bulk of America's power-conference schools turn away from their directional foes and begin playing honest-to-goodness power-conference football.

That's great for all you aspiring Told You So e-mail writers -- keep reading for a special Celebrity Told You So -- because some of your teams are bound to expose teams I've overrated. It's also great for me because shaking up the rankings keeps them interesting.

With all the ranked-on-ranked action this week, a shake-up is imminent. So if you happen to be in the Eugene, Ore., IHOP while the sun rises on the East Coast, say hi. I'll be the guy staring at his laptop and muttering into his Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n' Fruity about where to put Utah.

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