Hot Clicks: Jaime Edmondson; Randy Moss trade; C.J. Wilson Q&A

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Rob, of San Diego, says, "Keep the pics of Jaime Edmondson coming ALL week! Don't understand why you won't go that far.'" Paul Sughrue, of Winchester, Mass., says, "Please have a picture of Jaime Edmonson in every Hot Clicks from now until eternity." Eric, of Annapolis, Md., says, "Please feature Jaime Edmondson again! She is smoking hot!" Ozzie, of Miami, says, "JAMIE EDMONSON ALL WEEK!" This is just a very small sampling of the e-mails that poured in yesterday after Jaime led off Hot Clicks for a second straight day. Well, since the big sports story of the day is Randy Moss getting traded to Minnesota and there just happens to be a picture of Jaime sporting a Vikings outfit, we're going for the hat trick. As for Moss, you can find full analysis of the deal here on, so I'm just going to post my all-time favorite Moss moment, which led to the single most absurd call in the history of sports broadcasting.

Here We Go Again

Jaime Edmondson ::

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold recently used it in his political ads, but the NFL has told him to remove it from the spot because of copyright infringement.

Speaking Of That Randy Moss Clip...

For those of us in this bizarre media world, how the story broke of Randy Moss getting traded broke is more fascinating that the trade itself. The story first broke on Twitter via Bill Simmons's Twitter account. Simmons accidentally sent out a two-word Tweet (Moss Vikings) that was supposed to be a Direct Message to someone. From there, the floodgates opened up.

Last Word On Moss

In Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks, we told you about Giants defensive lineman Barry Cofield executing one of the best sack dances we've ever seen. Today, we have a Lingerie Football player pulling off the best touchdown celebration you'll ever see.

You Won't See This In The NFL

With the Rangers opening up the ALDS today against the Rays, I caught up with Texas Game 2 starter and friend of Hot Clicks, C.J. Wilson for this Q&A in which he discusses his successful season, the upcoming series against the Rays, Eastbound & Down and more.

Checking In With C.J.

C.J. Wilson :: Bob Levey/Getty Images

Rays skipper Joe Maddonhas asked fans who are going to Tropicana Field for the first two games of the ALDS to dress in plaid. Yes, they want a Plaid Out.

Speaking Of Rangers-Rays...

Lou Holtz is stumping for the Republican party, but he's doing it via e-mail. E-mail! How could the RNC not capitalize on Holtz's ability to get people fired up via hokie videos?

Missed Opportunity

Check out the penalty shot by Kaspars Daugavins of the Binghamton Senators.

Sports Video Of The Day

This looked really cool until the end.

Swing Video Of The Day

Oh, these anchors are sooooo immature.

Local News Video Of The Day