Morning Jolt: Favre and Childress at it again?

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Thursday, October 7

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Childress and Favre at odds again?

Though unlikely to broker peace between Brad Childress and Brett Favre, Randy Moss may help the Vikings win a few games. Locker-room sources say the frost between Childress and Favre is palpable right now, a bad situation obviously exacerbated by the Vikings' disappointing 1-2 start. ... [Said one Vikings player]: "I think it's all or nothing. It's either the missing piece and we go all the way, or Moss takes on Chilly and this thing blows up by the end of October. There's no C grade on this one. It'll either be an A or an F." (Yahoo! Sports)Comment

Ex-Pirate wants to manage them

Andy Van Slyke took the occasion of a season-ticket holder event to inform president Frank Coonelly about his interest in managing the Pirates. "I know that I'm a good coach. The players responded very well to me in Detroit [from 2006-09]. I know the game well enough, I've been on winning and losing teams," said the five-time Gold Glove-winning center fielder with the Pirates from 1987-94. "But I've got a couple of things going against me for anyone that would hire me: For one, I've never managed in the minor leagues. But there have been very successful [major league] managers who never managed in the minor leagues." (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)Comment

Leonsis hints at Wizards name change

Ted's Take, the blog home of Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, is chock full of worthwhile reads. In a blog post titled, "The Wisdom of Our Crowds - 101 To Do List Final," Leonsis puts out his "List of 101 Signs of Visible Change," which includes fans suggestions and what he has done. ... [Two] of the most startling developments in the blog, which should generate considerable excitement among fans were Nos. 28 and 31. What do those say? 28. Change Wizards' colors back to red, white and blue, which Leonsis said is "In-development." 31. Change Wizards' team name to Bullets, which Leonsis said is "Under consideration." (The Washington Post)Comment

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The scoreboard at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia tells the tale. (Photo by Matt Rourke/AP)

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Some old time hockey to get you primed for the NHL's Opening Night.

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Rangers at Rays, Game 2 ALDS, 2:30 pm ET, TBS

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SI Vault: More Walter Payton

This Day in Sports

  • 1927 -- Herb Pennock of the Yankees retires the first 22 Pirates he faces in Game 3 of the World Series
  • 1940 -- Bucky Walters becomes the first pitcher in 14 years to hit a World Series home run
  • 1950 -- Whitey Ford of the Yankees gets the first of his career 10 World Series wins
  • 1981 -- Yankees beat Brewers to win AL East Division Championship Series required by the split season
  • 1984 -- Walter Payton passes Jim Brown as the NFL's career rushing leader
  • 1995 -- Boston's Flleet Center opens with the Bruins and Islanders skating to a 4-4 tie