Hot Clicks: Jaime Edmondson; Tim Lincecum dominates Braves

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It was no contest. In case you missed yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks -- and shame on you if you did -- I asked Hot Clicks Nation to vote on whether Jaime Edmondson should be featured for an unprecedented fifth day in a row. The results were an overwhelming yes (84 percent yes, 16 percent no). So we wrap up The Week Of Jaime (follow her on Twitter to get your fix after today) with the picture above. And it's a good thing based on that photo that Jaime didn't work for the New York Jets while Brett Favre played for them. Lord only knows what he would've done. (And if you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours and don't get that line, just Google "Favre and Deadspin.")

The Drive For Five...

Jaime Edmondson ::

This dude needs the Niners to cover Sunday night against the Eagles to complete a 15-team parlay for $100,000. (Thanks to Bill Derrick, of Media, Pa., for the link.)

Betting Story Of The Day

One Michigan State fan, who was supposed to get a pacemaker this week, is postponing heart surgery so he can watch Saturday's game between Michigan and Michigan State. Speaking of Michigan State, this video about what Sparty won't do for love (hint: it involves Michigan) is worth watching because it features a Meatloaf song and an attractive female.

Importance Of A Rivalry Game

In the final game of yesterday's baseball tripleheader, the Giants blanked the Braves 1-0 behind a dominating pitching performance by Tim Lincecum. The newsworthy events to come out of this game were 1) Robin Williams' bizarre and unintelligible pregame speech to get the crowd pumped up and 2) TBS studio host Matt Winerblowing the call on a blown call by the umpires.

In Case You Missed It...

Robin Williams :: AP

Florida Governor Charlie Crist threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Thursday's Rangers-Rays game and it was ugly.

Speaking Of The MLB Playoffs...

What is the best beer for every NFL city? ... Kim Kardashian just got even hotter. ... Sports author John Feinstein was doing a radio interview from his car Wednesday when he was sideswiped; the audio is pretty amazing.

Random Links

In case you missed it while you were watching the baseball playoffs or Grey's Anatomy, you need to see the performance Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez (242 rushing yards, four touchdowns) put on against Kansas State last night.

Sports Video Of The Day

Apologies for the awful Black Eyed Peas song, but this shirtless dancing fool is not to be missed. (Thanks to Jim, of Appleton, Wis., for the link.)

Dancing Video Of The Day