NFL Power Rankings, Week 6

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As clumped together and parity-addled as the entire NFL feels about now, maybe the real story is just how up for grabs the NFC is this season. The conference that has boasted two of the past three Super Bowl winners is filled with a bunch of teams whose mantra should rightfully be: "Why not us?''

Let's face it, no one in New Orleans is asking "Who Dat?'' in the past few weeks. Because the answer would be, well, Atlanta, and then Arizona have both beaten dem Saints (3-2). Dallas and Minnesota can't even find their way out of the fog this season, and if you don't quite believe in either the Packers or the Giants just yet, well, join the crowd. Atlanta has been solid, but far from spectacular, and you just know the Bears' magic-carpet ride has to end at some point. Doesn't it?

So, why not us, indeed, when it comes to the aspirations of about all but three or four NFC "contenders?'' Let's just throw a blanket on all of them and check back in mid-December. Unless some serious separation starts happening any day now, those playoffs scenarios the league puts out every week are going to run 15 pages long in the NFC.

Now onto this week's rankings...

NFL Power Rankings, Week 6

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