Hot Clicks: Jets cheerleades; controversial NFL pass interference calls

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One of Sunday's big themes in the NFL was the pass interference call. Many people, including these Denver radio hosts, were not happy with the call against the Broncos at the end of the game against the Jets. Now that might be the right side to take so you can make somewhat amusing videos like the one linked above, but I don't see how you can ignore that the defender twisted the receiver's face mask while the ball was in the air. Now, if you TRULY want to see a B.S. pass interference call, check out the travesty that took place in the Chiefs-Texans game. But back to the Jets for one second: It's amazing that no matter what happens, the team finds itself in the center of controversy (some their doing, some not) almost daily. There's no controversy about the Jets Flight Crew, though. They've become one of the top cheerleading squads in the NFL.

P.I. Or Not P.I.?

Jets Flight Crew :: John Lamparski/Getty Images

Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon makes an impressive one-handed catch against the Redskins. ... calls this celebratory dance by Niners linebacker Takeo Spikes the worst of the NFL season, but I have to respectfully disagree. It's ridiculous enough that it's amusing. ... Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano with a solid taunt of Packers fans after scoring a TD.

NFL Roundup

Alabama linebacker Alex Watkins unleashed the block of the weekend against Ole Miss. ... Check out this ref messing up a field goal call. ... Kentucky wide receiver Randall Cobb scored the winning touchdown in the Wildcats upset win against South Carolina, and then ripped the team's fans on Twitter.

College Football Roundup

Rangers co-owner and club president Nolan Ryan better be careful: His fellow owners are not going to like his recent actions. It seems Ryan, unlike most owners in pro sports, isn't out to screw his loyal fan base. You see, the Rangers had raised the price of parking at their stadium from $10 to $15 before the ALCS. When he found out, Ryan not only ordered the price go back to $10, but he even gave refunds to the fans who paid $15 for Game 1. Major props to Ryan, and if the Rangers were playing any other team than the Yankees, I'd be rooting for them.

Is This Man Really Cut Out To Be An Owner?

Nolan Ryan::Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Phillies fans unleashed some fury at Giants pitcher Tim Linceum on Saturday and outfielder Pat Burrell on Sunday.

The City Of Brotherly Love

You'd think an athlete wouldn't have many problems finding a lady but that doesn't seem to be the case for Terrell Owens, who is using a matchmaker service to find love.

Owens Latest Stunt

If you're a Cowboys fan, do not watch this video. The rest of you can sit back and enjoy.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here's your recap of Week 6 in the rap form.

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