Morning Jolt: Has Favre played his last game?

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Monday, October 25

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Has Favre played his last game?

Brett Favre looked and sounded by late Sunday night as if he's done. It wasn't just his saltier and more peppery hair. It was his limping on a surgically repaired left ankle -- and what he said it prevented him from doing. "Who knows?" Favre said when asked if he'd be able to play next weekend. "Who knows, really? I hope I do." It was his admission that his ungrateful coach, the one who earned a contract extension because of Favre's remarkable play a season ago, was probably right about his too-risky play at Lambeau. It was his suggestion that if he can't play effectively on his banged up ankle, that he probably shouldn't play on it all. Favre needs an exit strategy. The league could help him. His injury could give him a more respectable excuse. (FanHouse)Comment

Girardi too uptight for Yankees?

Sometime in the next week, I suspect, Joe Girardi will re-up with the Yankees for something in the neighborhood of three years at $10 million. Girardi strangely regressed in 2010, returning to the uptight, paranoid version familiar from his 2008 Yankees debut season. Did his team play tight in the ALCS because the manager was tight? That is unknowable. But with his clenched teeth, edgy pacing and obsession with his black binder, Girardi hardly projected calm leadership to his troops. So as part of the coming negotiations, the Yanks must re-enforce to Girardi the significance of modifying a personality that too often strays to the robotic or -- worse -- dishonest. This worked previously. After Girardi's uncomfortable 2008 campaign, Brian Cashman gave his manager articles about Tom Coughlin's alterations to become more personable, open and patient. (New York Post)Comment

Frustrated Nash doubts Suns' future

The Phoenix Suns are just a few days from kicking off the 2010-11 NBA season and would certainly like to be more prepared for the coming campaign. They are not. The phrases being thrown around just two days before Game 1 of the NBA regular season are things like "long ways to go" and "work in progress." "To be honest, if I was outside this picture and a betting man, I would probably pick us to be outside of the playoffs considering all the changes and the new guys," team leader Steve Nash said after Sunday's team practice. (SB Nation)Comment

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The Packers were not very gracious hosts to Brett Favre in what may be the quarterback's last visit to Green Bay as a player. Favre's old team picked him off three times in a 28-24 win on Sunday night. (AP)

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Before Cleveland fans are forced to endure the debut of LeBron James as a member of the Miami Heat, we offer this ray of sunshine in an otherwise gray Northeast Ohio sports landscape.

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The Cowboys fight to keep their playoff hopes alive against their longtime NFC East rival.

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