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NFL Midseason Report (Related Stories)


NFL Midseason Report stories in the SI Vault

Heated Pursuit Of The PackersBy Tex Maule, October 31, 1966While Green Bay romped to a 56-3 laugher over hapless Atlanta, the old pro battery of the Colts -- Johnny Unitas to Raymond Berry -- produced a victory that kept Baltimore on the heels of the western division leader.

Merciless MinnesotaBy Tex Maule, November 03, 1969The Vikings, with Joe Kapp on the beam and the four Norsemen lowering the boom on opposing quarterbacks, are not only leading the NFL's Central Division but may be building a dynasty. Color it purple.It Could Be Doomsday For DallasBy Joe Marshall, November 13, 1978Beset by troubles, the Super Bowl champion Cowboys lost their fourth game, to Miami, and now face a fight just to make the playoffs.

Monster Of The MidwayBy Rick Telander, November 04, 1985William (The Refrigerator) Perry, the Bears' favorite appliance, is one cool commodity in Chicago.

Armed Forces By Paul Zimmerman, October 25, 1993In a showdown of signal-callers, Troy Aikman passed the Cowboys over Steve Young's 49ers.

Run To Glory By Peter King, November 06, 2000As the NFL season hits halftime, the hottest teams are the ones that can move the ball on the ground -- especially in the fourth quarter.

New England ExpressBy Lee Jenkins, November 12, 2007The Patriots marked the season's halfway point by blowing past the Colts late in their showdown to remain perfect. Now it looks as if the Pats have a clear run at history -- until the decade's most dominant and evenly matched teams meet again, likely in the AFC title game.