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Titans, Randy Moss are good marriage


The Randy Moss mystery tour heads to Tennessee.

There could be better fits, but a strong running team like the Titans uses the passing game to hit home runs. Moss is the best home run hitter in NFL and fantasy history.

This could be a match made in heaven, even if that was widely said about his return to Minnesota. Just check out the Titans' remaining schedule below.

The Vikings never gave him much of a chance to take off, and Brad Childress was more concerned about retaining martial law over the team than winning games, apparently. Still, Moss helps you win in the NFL and fantasy still. He projects to be huge in crunch time, too.

If we learned anything about Moss back in Minnesota, it was that he doesn't run good routes -- or really any route other than the fly pattern well. But if you want four catches, 60 yards and a TD or two every week, he can still be your man.

That should keep him among the 20 most productive receivers in fantasy, Week 10 on out -- even if he isn't a PPR horse. He scores his points by outrunning and outjumping people in the end zone.

Interestingly, Moss finally gets a bye week. He didn't have one in New England and joined Minnesota after theirs. Week 9 has the Titans idle, so it is a good time for Moss to join and learn the few routes he will be running.

It is also a good time for the Titans to add Moss. Kenny Britt is out a few weeks with a hamstring injury that looks like it could be pretty serious. Moss might have lost a step, but he still has great hands and a tremendous reach. That should be a good fit considering that both Vince Young and Kerry Collins throw pretty good deep balls. When opposing safeties load up in the box to stop the run, Moss will be licking his chops in one-on-one coverage up top. He has made a Hall of Fame career beating those sorts of looks.

The second half of the Titans' season couldn't line up more favorably for a wide receiver. Take a look:

They face Jacksonville, Washington and Houston twice -- mostly in the crucial weeks 11-15. That is fantasy crunch time. What is so favorable about those matchups? Well, they just happen to be three of the worst teams in the NFL against the pass. And they are absolutely the three worst teams in fantasy against WRs at the time of his acquisition: Jaguars (32nd), Redskins (31) and Texans (30). His Tennessee debut will come in Miami, where this Moss mystery tour set sail. He was held without a catch in that Monday night matchup with the Patriots and was traded a day later. It will be payback time.

The biggest question with Moss always remains: Will he be motivated?

That should be answered with a resounding "Yes" in Tennessee. Chris Johnson is the best running back in the NFL now -- although Adrian Peterson was pretty darn close --- and the Titans are a well-coached team like the Patriots club Moss said so emotionally Sunday he is still in love with (Minnesota, not so much in that latter regard). He will be fighting for a division title again, if not the No. 1 seed in the AFC, and a potential Super Bowl championship -- something that has eluded him throughout his career.

Moss isn't done and he has proven time and time again, if handled with care, he is a total package that can deliver the big strikes and the big weeks in fantasy.