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Marathon Running (Related Stories)


Marathon running stories in the SI Vault

Everybody There Saw KelleyBy Gwilyn Brown, June 06, 1960Our best marathoner quit in despair a month ago, but came back to win a trip to Rome.

On The Run From Dogs And PeopleBy Hal Higdon, April 15, 1963Hounds, kids and, in Boston, 300,000 spectators gather to watch and sometimes harass long-distance men who might prefer to be lonely.

Angry Overseer Of The MarathonBy Myron Cope, April 22, 1968Jock Semple, the colorful Scot who manages Boston's epic event, wages a passionate battle for his race and against those who mock it.

In The Long Run, It's ShorterBy Frank Deford, May 24, 1976Frank Shorter won the Olympic marathon in 1972 and hopes to repeat in July. While he says, "Guys who make a cult of running ruin the whole thing," there are times when even he seems obsessed.

All Around The TownBy Kenny Moore, October 30, 1978That's where Bill Rodgers went -- from Staten Island to Manhattan -- to win his third straight New York marathon.

There Are Only 26 Miles To GoBy Kenny Moore, November 03, 1980And at the New York Marathon's end there was a predictable winner in Grete Waitz, a surprise in Alberto Salazar.

Harmony On HighBy Jaime Diaz, February 15, 1988Al Waquie, a Pueblo Indian who finds spiritual peace in mountain running, is a great one for scaling heights.

Going That Extra MileBy Tim Layden, October 14, 2002Running more on grit than natural gifts, Paula Radcliffe is poised for the race of her life -- and a run at the marathon record -- this Sunday in Chicago.